Gamo’s New Bone Collector Blowback Pistol

Gamo Outdoor USA is known as a major producer of air guns as well as optics and laser designators, and now they’ve come out with a new pistol, the C-15 Bone Collector Edition. Their new air pistol is designed for both target practice and varmint control, and if you doubt the ability of an air gun to take down game, believe me, it’s not only doable but impressive – the right air rifle can take down deer.

The C-15 Bone Collector is, of course, meant for smaller pests, and is a compact blowback pistol. It takes both pellets and steel BB’s and has an 8×2 double magazine. The pistol is good for short-range varmint control and comes with a Weaver-style rail so accessories can easily be added.

One of the nice things about air guns like this one is the ability to take care of varmints a bit more quietly and subtly than you otherwise could. They also make decent training tools for kids learning to shoot, both as a way to learn about gun safety and because of their soft report and minimal recoil. And, of course, they’re fun.

Specs are as follows:

Velocity: 430 FPS (With PBA Platinum)

Caliber: .177

Design: Compact, smooth steel barrel

Action: Semi-auto blowback

Magazine: 8×2 dual mag, takes both pellets and steel BB’s

Sights: Rear fixed sights with reflective white dots

MSRP: $118.95

Visit the company’s website at When you open their page, it opens to a $99.99 offer for the C-15 Bone Collector Edition pistol, saying the offer is good for the first fifty customers.

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  • thedonn007

    Too bad it is CO2 and not Green Gas

    • nobody

      Why would you want it to be green gas? Green gas is significantly weaker than CO2 (almost 1/7 the vapor pressure) and more than likely would result in an incredibly weak pellet gun.

      • thedonn007

        Oops, got my airsoft and pellet pistols mixed up, LOL.

  • Beju

    Sorry bunnies. You’re cute and all, but my dog thinks that your droppings are tasty cocoa puffs, and that grosses me the eff out.

  • John

    “Take down a deer”…..seriously…are we talking deer embryos or what? Seriously, all kidding aside, can you tell me what air gun has that type of power. I would actually be interested in buying it if it is not a lot more expensive than a 10/22.

    • ostiariusalpha

      The really powerful ones are expensive. You can get a .17 or .22 cal rifle for under $300, but the large caliber stuff gets pricey fast.

      • Jeffrey T Quinn

        I have a Remington-Crosman Genesis air rifle, break-action, single shot, 1000fps. I use RWS Hunter pellets, and have consistently taken deer with it. Its all about shot placement, and these handy little rifles are remarkably accurate.

    • Camilo Emiliano Rosas Echeverr

      Air rifles can and have been used in war. They can kill you, or a deer.

    • bob

      Check out some airguns. Ther .357, .45, and even .50 airguns. I saw someone take down a buffalo!

    • John

      Truthfully, the biggest thing I ever took down with an “air weapon” was my roommate after a chili-dog party.

    • Gunny

      There are several brands of PCP type air rifles more than capable of taking deer size game. they range in size .25 caliber to .50 caliber, the most popular being the 9mm and the .45 caliber versions. I personally own a .50 caliber Quackenbush that sends a 182gr slug at 850 fps. and have taken wild hogs with it at 100 yards. I also own a Condor in .45 cal., it’s ugly but it’s more than enough for anything I want to hunt. Cost well that’s another story by the time you get your rifle set up with your optics and maintenance supplies plus a high pressure compressor and storage tank to charge you rifle you will have about $2,000 invested.

  • Southpaw89

    Ramp it up to .22 caliber and increase the velocity to around 600 fps and you’ll have my money, I know the number of shots per cylinder would be pretty low at that point, but it would be much more useful against pests at that point.

    • Gabe

      Unfortunately, in a CO2 gun this size those numbers are pretty much impossible. The actual fps using .177 lead pellets would be closer to 300-350 if that. These types of air guns are meant only for backyard fun.

  • Thomas Oakheart

    Great, lets attract airsoft dipshit kids here.