Gamo’s New Bone Collector Blowback Pistol

    Gamo Outdoor USA is known as a major producer of air guns as well as optics and laser designators, and now they’ve come out with a new pistol, the C-15 Bone Collector Edition. Their new air pistol is designed for both target practice and varmint control, and if you doubt the ability of an air gun to take down game, believe me, it’s not only doable but impressive – the right air rifle can take down deer.

    The C-15 Bone Collector is, of course, meant for smaller pests, and is a compact blowback pistol. It takes both pellets and steel BB’s and has an 8×2 double magazine. The pistol is good for short-range varmint control and comes with a Weaver-style rail so accessories can easily be added.

    One of the nice things about air guns like this one is the ability to take care of varmints a bit more quietly and subtly than you otherwise could. They also make decent training tools for kids learning to shoot, both as a way to learn about gun safety and because of their soft report and minimal recoil. And, of course, they’re fun.

    Specs are as follows:

    Velocity: 430 FPS (With PBA Platinum)

    Caliber: .177

    Design: Compact, smooth steel barrel

    Action: Semi-auto blowback

    Magazine: 8×2 dual mag, takes both pellets and steel BB’s

    Sights: Rear fixed sights with reflective white dots

    MSRP: $118.95

    Visit the company’s website at When you open their page, it opens to a $99.99 offer for the C-15 Bone Collector Edition pistol, saying the offer is good for the first fifty customers.

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