Tactical SMGLee posted this on Facebook.

Taiwan military arsenal made a carbon fiber frame for their Beretta 92 clone. The T75K1 pistol.

Looks like legit carbon fiber, compared to Browning and Benelli using Carbon Fiber finishes on their shotgun furniture.


  • Vitsaus

    The high speed low drag nerds should eat this right up.

    • no

      Nothing about a Beretta 92 is low drag.

  • John Daniels

    A pistol design built from outdated inter-war era design concepts, executed with space age materials. Genius. 😛

    • anon

      Ave nex alea

    • mikey2012

      i just sharted

    • >’w'<

      Designer said carbon frame T75 just a technical demo, They didn’t want produce it…:P

  • iksnilol

    Wonder how much weight is saved by going with carbon fiber?

  • Tzefa

    It’s T75K2, the main difference with T75K1 is the carbon fiber frame and Picatinny rail.

  • Anonymoose

    Oh great, a new way for Berettas to break! 😀