Browning AB3 Short Action Calibers

Browning rifle

Browning announced the expansion of the AB3 line of rifles to include short action calibers. When these bolt action rifles were introduced two years ago, only long action calibers were available. Now Browning will sell these rifles chambered for the following calibers:

  • .243 Win (21″ barrel)
  • 7mm-08 (21″ barrel)
  • .308 Win (21″ barrel)
  • .270 WSM (23″ barrel)
  • .300 WSM (23″ barrel)

Browning rifle

The receiver is steel and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The barrel has a target crown and is free floated. The matte black stock is synthetic, and the magazine is detachable. Browning includes an Inflex Technology recoil pad with the rifle.

The suggested retail price on these rifles is the same as the existing models: $599.

Richard Johnson

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Is that just for a weapon light or the whole gun…?

  • ghost

    Back when I was a kid, times were tough. Some of us could not afford to buy both rifle and ammo at the same time. Those of us that could only afford the ammo, we would go into the woods, hide behind a tree, wait till a deer walked by, jump out, slip round up it’s butt and hit primer with sharp rock. Blow it’s head off every time (meat hunters, no trophy). Those of us that could only afford the rifle, would go into the woods, hide behind a tree, wait for a deer to walk by, then jump out and club it to death. There were the occasional accidental shootings when a guy would jump out to club the deer to death at the same time the guy with the ammo would hit the primer with the sharp rock.

    • maodeedee

      And you try to tell that to the youth of today, and they won’t believe you, –They WON’T!

  • Southpaw89

    I approve. Nice to see some more quality budget friendly hunting rifles coming to market.

  • derpmaster

    I really like the tang ambi safety. Ambidextrous features is one thing that Browning has had on lock for decades.

    Dear gun industry: it’s 2015, and we’ve known for 100 years or so that 20% of people are left handed. Quit being lazy and stop with the crossbolt safety crap.

  • maodeedee

    What, no 6.5 Creedmoor?

  • Mm, one of these beauties in .243 is an enticing thought. Where are these made – does Browning still have a plant in Japan? I recall their Japanese-made products were of very high quality and for $600 or so, the price is right.