Dangerous Pistol Disarming Training

Marcos Do Val posted this video on his Facebook page. Marcos has his partner draw a pistol on him. Marcos disarms him, racks the slide and fires the pistol at a steel popper. He does this in 1.17 secs. While impressive, this seems rather dangerous and unnecessary. At least he has the pistol loaded chamber empty, but the close proximity to the steel popper increases the chance of a ricochet.

Here is the caption he posted with the video.

Hoje os relógios de todo o mundo ganharão um segundo a mais para compensar a desaceleração na rotação do planeta.
Neste vídeo eu mostro como aproveitar esse segundo a mais do tempo em benefício da segurança em casos de assalto a mão armada!
P.s: Não recomendo a reação, somente em casos extremos e por pessoas treinadas.

Today the clocks all over the world will gain a second more in order to compensate for the slowdown in the rotation of the planet.
In this video I show how to take advantage of this according to the most of the time for the benefit of security in cases of a hold-up!
P. S: I do not recommend the reaction, only in extreme cases and by trained people.


Nicholas C

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  • jeff k

    completely unrealistic. a person can pull a trigger way faster than someone can bring their arms up to their face and disarm them. lol if this were real world the guy would have a hole in his face lol

    • Wolfgar

      Not always true. Action is always faster than reaction. If a person doesn’t telegraph his intent it is possible to disarm a person. I have trained disarming an opponent using air soft pistols. If you fail you will know it. This training is not only dangerous but stupid. I wonder how much bullet splatter was removed from his back side? More dangerous, pointless chest pounding stupidity displayed as advanced training by highly trained mall ninjas.

    • stephen

      The average person’s response time is anywhere from .5 to 1 second (of course faster times are rare in average individuals). In our classes with new people we see about .75 second reaction times.

      What exactly is ‘Response’? Meaning they have to go thru the OODA Loop (observe, orient, decide, and act). That means one has to observe the action taken by the unarmed guy (orient is mute point because the gunman is already facing the person), then decide on a course of action, then act.

      We practice disarms with blue guns &/or airsoft and its clear that reacting is slower than the one taking the initiative.

      I really like airsoft without ammo when doing this drill – you can get some realistic training. Sometimes I use a SIRT pistol and have the class watch where the laser hits during the disarm = good training.

      I agree with Wolfgar for this guys video, its just some mall ninja stuff to get students.

      • Budogunner

        If the attacker intended to shoot you, he probably would have just done so. Hesitation on his part then makes sense.

        However, my concern isn’t about a conscious decision to shoot in response to the perceived threat of a quickly executed disarm. My concern is reflexive flinch on the part of an on-edge guy with a gun whose muzzle is aimed at my body and finger is on the trigger. The startle response doesn’t require going through the OODA process.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Agreed, if this was for real his head would be a fine pink mist.

    • Phil Hsueh

      A person doesn’t even need to do that much. To me, part of what makes it possible for the guy to be disarmed was that the attacker took their time and telegraphed that they were bringing their gun up to the defender’s face. If I were a guy with a gun and wanted to shoot somebody a foot or two in front of me with my gun still in my holster, I’m not going to bring it up all the way to somebody’s face, I’m only going to bring it to gut level and shoot. Even if the guy is wearing AR500 body armor he’s going to feel that shot and at the least be stunned for long enough for me to get a follow up shot to the head.

  • Glenn

    Why does he rack the slide? If there was no round in the chamber, he couldn’t have been shot in the first place. But are we to assume the second bad guy (Yellow steel target) behind the first bad guy had a chambered round, so he needed to be shot? Is racking the slide supposed to be a “just in case” thing? What’s the point?

    • Jon

      It’s because you don’t know what condition the guy pointing the gun at you has it in. By racking the slide you make sure there is one in the chamber and the pistol is ready to shoot.

      • Zebra Dun

        Again, who thinks this fast?
        OK, I’m gonna grab his gun, check the safety, rack the slide, tap the mag, assume a proper pistol hold, aim and fire and shoot his buddy!
        In a real world situation the fight will be over the pistol and go to ground where someone will get shot most likely accidentally.

    • Ken

      If the gun is fired as you’re grabbing it, the slide will not cycle. There will be an empty case in the chamber that you have to clear.


    Someone watched too much expandables, possibility all 3 movies. .

    • hami

      No amount of The Expendables is too much


        True, except I don’t try to pull off moves I learned in the movie. As much as I want to mow down 12 guys with a 6 shooter.
        Also I forgot to add, he might have seen equalibrium a few too many times as well.

      • DIR911911 .

        even 1 of those crapfests is too much

  • SCW

    It’s always easy to disarm a guy when he just lets go of the gun when you grab it.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to try to hang on and gain control or at least try to drop the mag.

    • Zebra Dun

      Yup, besides who thinks that fast?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    It was nice of the guy to hand him the gun without fighting at all and then helpfully duck so Senor Macho Solo could shoot the target from the amazing distance of four feet.

    • Cymond

      I can forgive the assistant for ducking, since if this was a real hold-up, those shots would be aimed at the assistant.
      Not fighting to retain the pistol, however, sucks. But it seems to be typical & common for many disarming demo videos.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Google the Key and Peele “Tackle and Grapple” clip.
        Thats what I think of every time one of these “training” videos pops up. Lol.

        • phauxtoe

          So Funny Right!

          there a lot of real schools just like that!

        • Zebra Dun

          Key and Peele are funny guys LOL

  • Vitsaus

    Spetsnaz videos on youtube are a dangerous influence on impressionable youth! Like Beavis and Butt-head or Marilyn Manson.

  • david

    NEVER trust your attacker’s pistol. It may be broken, empty, fake or jammed. Disarm, then draw your own pistol.

    • Zebra Dun

      How about hit the deck, go to cover, draw your pistol raise your left leg and shoot?

  • John

    Unnecessary show of how “cool” you can be. People should not go for showmanship when it comes to firearms training. This is an accident just waiting to happen, especially when some idiot watches this and “tries it at home”.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Makes me even more glad I practiced shooting from retention, just over an hour ago…

  • RICH

    This only happens in demonstrations….. when the aggressor ‘WILLINGLY’ lets go of his weapon ! ! An extremely dangerous exhibition of a disarming technique that works well with the aggressors cooperation…… Just Sayin’….!

  • Uniform223

    I enjoy watching this tacti-cool-fu I always wondered how much of it is actually use full. I am by no mean a martial arts expert at all but my brother-in-law and I mess around with FMA and Hapkido. If there is anything that I learned from him is that concept in context/practice often over rules concept in the art.

  • Jim

    Not only is this dangerous training, it is flat out stupid! You do not need to have a loaded firearm, heck you do not even have to have a real firearm to train how to do this. Yes the fact is if you have a weapon trained on me and I can reach out and touch it, that firearm is mine and I WILL take it away from you. It is of course one of the last resort measures as it is dangerous and quite likely someone is going to be shot, 99% the person holding the firearm on me will be shot if there is a round in the chamber locked and loaded. It is also highly likely the suspect will suffer a broken finger and or maybe a broken nose, knee damage, or any number of other things that will disable them. What you do is train with a heavy rubber replica that does not have a trigger guard you can stick your finger through. Practice, practice, practice as it is something that may save your life one day. I personally know of an Officer that had to do this as the gunman was going to kill him. Instead the gunman suffered a gunshot wound to his chest. It can and does happen so this tool in your bag of resources can be very valuable. Just DO NOT use a loaded weapon, or even a real weapon if possible and never put your finger in the trigger guard as it will probably be broken.

  • Zebra Dun

    Reminds me of an old article in Soldier of Fortune magazine where this guy disarms a fellow who has a shotgun by snatching, turning (kung Fu style) the gun and whipping it around racking the slide and capturing the wielder.
    The shotgun was an old Winchester 92 trench gun with a long bayonet.
    He looked like he was gonna stick himself while dancing with it.

    This, while possible handy to know is seriously stupid and several levels.
    If he continues someone will get shot.

    Show boating and grandstanding with loaded firearms is a dangerous thing to do.

    Your opponent may just step back and shoot your flailing body to doll rags.
    Your fellow instructor may take a ricochet up the derriere.

  • okos

    If they tried with blanks, I bet the outcome would have been different.

  • shooter2009

    What’s next?

    A flying drop kick that makes the gun fly out of the bad guy’s hand and into the hands of the good guy upon which he lands on his head, spins a couple of times while getting a round into the chamber, then taking the shot on the last spin upside down?

  • Michael Riley

    Stupid is, as Stupid does……