Homemade 23MM Sniper Rifle in Syria

There’s been a lot of interesting firearms being spotted in Syria during the recent conflict over there. From vintage WWII weapons, Bubba’d Mosin Nagants to a remote controlled Sturmgewehr 44. Here’s another interesting rifle, a homemade 23mm “sniper” rifle that they appear to be using to punch holes into enemy positions. At least they’re using hearing protection.

[Sourece: r/CombatFootage]

Ray I.

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    I cry for those stg44s. People jusr don’t appericate art anymore.

    • iksnilol

      Meh, better to kill your enemies with it than “appreciate art”.


        Yeah. I am sure a lot of “killing” is going on with classic moves like PlayStation controled stg44, and the all too famous squat sh!tthing spray and pray.

        • iksnilol

          Well, any gun in use is better than a wall hanger. Even if it is used… sub-optimally.

          • MAUSERMAN

            I disagree, it depends on the weapon, your run of the mill Ak47 go ahead stomp on it, but a real stg44 and a piece of ww2 history I would preserve them as much as possible. Shoot them for fun on a weekend? Sure have at it. But let’s be honest those stg44 are goners by The time this war is over.

          • iksnilol

            You seem to be under the impression that people can pick and choose what to use.

            Besides, of all rare rifles the STG44 is probably the least rare. Almost half a million were built.

          • MAUSERMAN

            Dude don’t put out ignorant statement like “least rare”.
            if you know nothing about collecting firearms then don’t say anything.
            Really stg44 is least rare than, garand? Enfield? Mauser? Mosin? Need I go on?swiss build more k31 in ww2 than stg44,and they never fired a a shot.
            You know how much a stg44 go for in US? $30000 if you can even find one.
            Do FSA and ISIS have choice in what they can use? Maybe not. But my original statement is simply to say it is a waste in their hands, you seem to think stg44 is nothing need to be perserved like a throw away. If that is the case why perserve anything be like Isis destory 3000 years old city and antiques all we like just because we can.

          • iksnilol

            If you think an M1 Garand is rare then I really have nothing to say to you except: Collectable=/=Rare

            M1 Garand, Mosin, Enfield, Mauser and whatnot aren’t rare at all. They are collectable (especially rifles with all numbers matching). But they aren’t rare at all.

            I don’t appreciate you comparing me to ISIS. Also, it is you putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say to destroy history and antiques and whatnot. I just said that the STG isn’t really rare. You want rare? Go for stuff that wasn’t built in the hundreds of thousands. Stuff like the Walther WA2000, Korobov TKB-022, Automag pistol and XM8 is actually rare. If you want something rare from WW2 get a Japanese Garand clone.

          • MAUSERMAN

            Did you even read my last comment? Did i say garand is rare? Nope. Read it again!

            I don’t know what your definition of rare is. But I have never held a stg44 in my life, if you think stg44 is not rare than you must own a firearm museum. Because pulling out Japanese garand and wa2000 is like asking people have you ever touched a unicorn. While you are at it let me top you with hey you shot a .45 Luger yet? Only 2 in The world rare enough for you?

            My final point. I don’t care if it is a stg44 or a average garand. I appericate their hiatorical value, and would preserve them for the next generation. As we all know there will be less and less of them in the future. So yeah back to my original point the snack bar people don’t appericate art and history.

          • iksnilol

            I didn’t say it wasn’t rare, but amongs the rare stuff it is among the least rare.

            And now you remind me of that stereotypical uncle that makes all family gatherings awkward.

            Sorry, I just find your attitude rather whiny. “Ooh, they are using a rare rifle to shoot each other”. Maybe you should rather focus on why they are shooting each other?

          • MAUSERMAN

            Yeah you will always find something you consider least rare. Nothing can be more rare than zero.

            Love the fake Russian tough guy attitude LOL . “I must shoot all my guns, to kill people” please give me a break.

            As for why they are fighting? Does it really matter?
            We all know how it ends. A religious theocracy, or a fractured state without rule of law and controlled by large and small group of militias and terrorists, with various degree of theocracy and a fail state either way.

          • BearSlayer338

            I’ve seen a MP 44 at literally every gun show I’ve been to they are really not that rare just expensive,expensive doesn’t equate to rare.I’ve also held one on one occasion and can say I wouldn’t want to use one in an unpleasant situation they are very heavy for what they are and feel even heavier because the weight is not distributed well.

            Sure they are cool looking but I wouldn’t drop $20,000-$30,000,for a rifle that isn’t practical in any way compared to just about any modern firearm,fires hard to find and expensive ammo,and is much heavier feeling in the hands than modern assault rifles.The only reason I would buy one would be if I found one for under $15,000,and that would only be so I could sell it for $25,000-$30,000.

            Machine guns in general are a waste of money,a semi auto with the same magazine capacity is going to be more practical in just about any role other than covering fire.

          • MAUSERMAN

            You forget the same gun show people drive around to a lot of different gun shows. I probly seen the same stg44 you did. That does not mean anything. I seen the same stg44 every year every show locally. Seeing it doea not magically increase its number.

          • BearSlayer338

            Let me rephrase I’ve seen a different MP44 at each gunshow,hence the price range I’ve listed.One of them even had a zf4 scope on it.
            It would be rare if you found one with Vampir Night Vision though.

          • MAUSERMAN

            I have seen a person buy a stg44 at every gun show. Dropping $30g like its tissue paper. That would explain the magical turn over rate on different stg44 at every show and the magical source for them…..hummmmmmmmm. except I have seen the same stg44 for “display” year after year. And only seen a different one 3 years ago when the dealer finally sold it afTer 7years of bringing it to shows, and he is “selling” another One for Tue past 3 years

          • BearSlayer338

            You must live in area where people buy less mg’s,around here its not uncommon to see someone buy a MP44 or Thompson smg at a gunshow,we usually have around 10-15 dealers per show selling mg’s.Seen a couple at other out of state gunshows as well.

          • iksnilol

            “Fake Russian tough gou attitude”??? What’s that. Am I wannabe tough guy now for simply stating that a tool in use is better than one hanging on a wall?

            Eh, it wasn’t always like that. They even had democracy there once. Then somebody thought it was a good idea to remove the democratically elected leaders (*cough* Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, and a bunch of others*cough*). Libya wasn’t always a fail state. It worked well under Gaddafi. Though I guess you’re taught to hate him. Not like that in Ex-Yugoslavia though.

          • MAUSERMAN

            Well, don’t like when other people call you stuff right? Then don’t start it next time “tough guy”

            I didn’t say who is right or wrong in Syrian war, I don’t like support nor care for any of the sides. I just know how its gonna end. So don’t lump me in like I approve of overthrowing Asad. U.S government is not known for its forsight, its always short term goals. You should know that by now.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    He’s gonna lose the security deposit on that apartment for sure.

    • USMC03Vet

      4 Walls is premium in that region.

  • thedonn007

    I hope he doubled up on the earpro

    • MR

      Looked like he had a pretty good flinch going. With that muzzlebrake indoors, I would too.

  • Cal S.

    What is that, like a 4x UTG scope?

    • El Duderino

      The Damascus Wal-Mart has ’em on sale.

    • whskee

      I couldn’t help but laugh as soon as I saw that teeny tiny crap-looking scope sitting on that…thing… But hey, they seem to be landing rounds. Somewhere. Maybe with some intention that’s not entirely ‘god willing’.

  • Giolli Joker

    The muzzle brake seems like a more than decent job.

  • Kelly Jackson

    Still safer than .40 caliber Glocks

  • kev

    Anyone else notice the pistol grip underneath it.? It’s like somebody intended it to be shoulder fired but after hours of tested and 5 dislocated shoulders they were like…..plan b….

    • MR

      Run a cable to a secondary trigger on the “handlebar”…then tie a string to that. Think I’d have found a longer string.

      • Kev

        Agreed the weapon does not seem shall we say user friendly.

  • Jeff Smith

    I imagine the pressure wave in that room is enough to give you a bloody nose.

  • hydepark


    • MR

      I’ll admit, it took me a minute to catch on.

  • Ed

    I wouldn’t trust it watch it blow up after several shots.

  • Bob

    No Sig brace?

  • AldanFerrox

    This thing is more like a light artillery piece, and not a rifle.

    • Southpaw89

      They certainly seem to be using it that way, cant say I blame them either, I would not want to fire that thing with my eye anywhere near the scope.

  • Alex Nicolin

    Allahu akbar ability +50 damage 🙂