Kinect QD M-Lok Rail

Kinetic Development has made a rather sweet M-Lok QD rail called Kinect. They are spring loaded to lock onto the M-Lok holes. There is a release button that you push to quick detach the Kinect mount from the M-Lok handguard.

Kinect underside Kinect angle


Kinect rails/mounts are available on their website. At the moment just the 4 slot and the bipod adapter are available. The rail is $49.99 and the bipod adapter is $59.99

Nicholas C

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Too heavy, I cant be slowed down.

  • MR

    Someone should tell them to keep their muzzle out of the dirt.

    • 360_AD

      And you are too shy to be the one?

      • MR

        Alright, where’s their e-mail address. “Get yer friggin’ muzzle outa the dirt!”

        • MR

          Got an e-mail back; “We will be sure to do so!”

  • Plumbiphilious

    This is really useful for small accessories like lights and bipods, yeah. Though for the lights, it really seems to jut out of the handguard from the adapter being a little tall.

    I think they should just make direct-to-MLOK adapters to cut down on the height; the bipod/sling one is great.

  • Treiz