Zach wrote …

My M&P with the Apex Tactical Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (Which I HIGHLY Recommend) and my new IWB holster from M3 Tactical Kydex.

Thanks Zach.



  • myndbender

    It must suck to have the advantages of carrying full size pistol negated by having to carry 10 Rd mags in ban states. Other than that, cool rig, love me some kryptek!

    • tttttt

      They’re still easier to get all your fingers on, shoot comfortably, etc. But yeah, it does suck.

  • USMC03Vet

    Holster looks so high speed low drag. I use alien gear though and they have nothing that fancy.

  • Bill

    I like Typhon as a pattern, but on an IWB holster where it will never be seen? I guess that’s the holster equivalent of fancy lingerie, but even it gets seen, if all goes right