Matt sent us a photo of his Remington 700 chambered in 300 Blackout. I like the nifty trigger release device, thats one way to eliminate human error when testing accuracy.  Matt wrote …

Remington 700 in 300 blk.
Nightforce SHV 4-14
LaRue mount
Silencer co osprey.
Hyskore DLX rest
And my own reloaded subsonic rounds.

The first day my gun went consistently sub MOA.



  • NDS

    I have the same rifle which I bought solely for 300BLK load development, and was absolutely blown away by how accurate it is. It is a 1/2MOA rifle with my 110Gr Barnes TAC-TX and 125Gr Nosler BT, and right at 1MOA with my 208Gr Hornady Amax and 225Gr Hornady BTHP. Embarasses my 9″ SBR this gun was supposed to be the test mule for.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    No fingerprints on the trigger. Good thinking.

    • Shevrock

      Or you could wear gloves?

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Get your humor chip recalibrated.

  • USMC03Vet

    Well you did it. You literally took away all the fun of shooting with that setup.

    • David

      I thought the same thing.

      “The first day my gun went consistently sub MOA.”

      Too bad you had to strap it to a sled to do it…

      • anon

        I have one of those sleds and it is nice to get a baseline of what your gun is capable of and then see what you are capable of.

        • David

          I could understand that, but someone who goes to the trouble to create the rig he has there doesn’t strike me as someone who spends as much time behind the rifle as pushing a syringe.

      • DIR911911 .

        at least you still get to hear the bang

  • KestrelBike

    A night force screaming for a lower height over bore

    • Rooftop Voter

      Meh, not so high. My Barrett measures 3.100″ from c/l of scope to c/l of bore. That’s a fur piece, as they say somewhere.

    • Guest

      Guy must have a big head, no riser on that stock and all.

  • Gwolf

    What MOA does it shoot from the standing position after walking up the side of a hill with a pack on?

    • TBlisi

      Rifle will shoot same sub-MOA each time. It is physics. That is purpose of taking human equation out of mix with inexperienced shooters having trigger, to see precisions of unit itself.

      What occur “after walking up the side of a hill with a pack on” depends upon shooter competence.

  • Adam

    It’s true. Have one of these w/an AAC 762sdn6 on it. 50yds 5rds factory Remington subsonic consistently 1 hole.

  • Anonymoose

    I just looked it up and the .300BLK 700 SPS is $120 cheaper than the AAC-branded M7. Not bad.

  • Anonymous

    The problem as far as accuracy is concerned, is that damn rubber stock. Pull the barreled action out, put it into a decent chassis, and then see how it does. If it still doesn’t perform, replace the barrel.

  • Scope way to high

  • Richard M

    Use your fingers, not some gimmick. Not only is it artificial, it’s not realistic. Use your 2 elbows and shoulder pocket to hold the weapon for zeroing. You’re not going to have a sled and such when you’re out hunting…..I don’t think.

    • Scott M

      It’s not a gimmick or meant to be realistic Captain Obvious, nor is it for zeroing. The set up is to test the inherent accuracy of the rifle sans any human interference. There is no way to scientifically compare any two rifles without a set up such as this one.

  • Dual sport

    Why? That was hilarious.

  • I’ve been testing a .300 BLK AR-15 from Shaolin Rifleworks and it’s a 1 MOA or better rifle in a reliable semi-auto platform that’s running both super- and sub-sonic loads for me without tinkering! They promise 1 moa or better in the .300 carbines and 1/2 or better in .223 and .308. Pretty freaking good in an auto-loader! ! !

  • Core

    Excellent work! I just can’t figure out why anyone would use. 300 BLK versus a perfectly good 5.56? Even the manufacturer says the moa shift for 5.56 is 1/2 versus 1 moa in. 300. 5.56 is less expensive, has a longer lethal range, weighs less, and has greater widespread availability. What am I missing?