What a beauty. David sent us a photo of his semi-automatic MG3. He wrote …

Took a German out of the safe last night. A semi-auto MG3 built on all original German parts. Very fun gun, especially tripod mounted!

The Rheinmetall MG3 entered production is 1968. It is a variant of the MG 1A3 and it shares many parts with its famous predecessor the WWII German MG42. I actually did not know that there were semi-automatic variants built.



  • Kovacs Jeno

    Semiauto mg3 and mg42 conversions were advertised in German Visier and DWJ magazines.

  • On a lafette tripod (a tripod with springs that allow the gun to travel rearwards for a short distance) holding the trigger bar in the exact right place results in magic.
    **This should be carried out in international waters only**

    • MR

      Bumpfire…though the ATF disagrees. Still only one bullet fired for each function of the trigger.

      • Kelly Jackson

        I would imagine the spring loaded return on the Lafette tripod would be akin to the spring assisted Atkins Accelerator stocks that the ATF would rule is a machine gun.

  • Riot

    Semi-auto goodness?
    More like semi-auto heresy!!

    • theirs a place for semi-auto on the battlefield. Theres a reason why the m16 went from full auto down to single and three round burst. The logistics of supplying full auto firearms ammo can get out of hand. Of course i would prefer an auto/ semi auto version.

      • Riot

        This is an MG – it is defined by its high rof.

        • David

          See Alex C’s post below 😉

      • Bal256

        Did early M16s not have a semi auto mode originally?

  • Lance

    So it shoots 7.62 NATO not 8mm? You said MG-3 right? Its cool anyway.

    • David


  • iksnilol

    That’s one way to slow down the ROF of a MG42 relative.

  • MR

    Be fun in a prairie dog field, or some other target rich environment. If you’re just poking holes in paper, the thrill can wear off quick.