COTD (Cat Scan Of The Day): KRISS VECKOR

My friend, and occasional TB contributor, Houston from X-Ray Guns has just finished up his latest firearm CAT scan. This time he has scanned the KRISS VECTOR .45 submachine gun. He wrote …

I’m still waiting on my stinking form 4 but my local FFL dealer friend hauled it over last month for a late night imaging session in my CAT scanner. After tailoring a scan protocol for it and generating several source images I worked on it cleaning up background artifact and ported it into print media format. I just got back the prototype from the professional print shop I work with on these. I havent listed them for sell yet but prob will within a month if there’s sufficient demand for them to warrant a bulk custom print job. If not, I don’t really mind because I’m happy making them for my own personal collection regardless.

So if you are keen on getting a print, you should probably let Houston know you are interested otherwise it might never go on sale. I have a number of his prints in the TFB office, including the AR-15, AK, MP5K, Tavor and others. They look my nicer in person than the iPhone photo pictured above that Houston snapped to show us.


Steve Johnson

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  • Riot

    Nick C posted this up 5 hours ago

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      • Riot

        It is pointless to post a shorter article on the same subject

        • Fdfas Jlkjl

          The point was to give Stevie Wonder more proof-reading work.

  • KestrelBike

    Looks fantastic. Because of the Vector’s complexity, IMO it looks much more impressive than an AK (this is also due to the space-aginess of the vector compared to a weapon crafted in the 1940’s). I wonder how much these prints typically go for…

    • KestrelBike

      I stopped being lazy: The prints (non-framed, but ready for them) go for about $60. I think that’s quite a decent value.

  • Grindstone50k

    Wow, I actually want to buy some of these. They look great.

  • TangledThorns

    Very cool. I plan on buying a KRISS Vector 9mm to SBR next year.

  • MR

    Strangely enough, the link to X-Ray Guns takes you to X-Ray Guns. Weird.

  • MR

    Might just be my Luddite fear of technology, but ammo in a scanner makes me nervous. Apparently it’s safe enough in a C-T scanner, would an MRI be different? I’d think it’d heat up any ferous components.

  • IXLR8

    Is the Veckor a new model? Maybe it should be Vector….

  • roguetechie

    Personally I’ll be getting the HK 21 shortly for my “lair”…. I’ve decided it doesn’t get a promotion to office until I launch a product.

  • William Elliott

    you know, its too bad they couldn’t figure out how to move the return spring and recoil system into the grip. Could have moved the entire assembly rearword, and put the trigger between the magazine and the verticle part of the action [which would then be in the grip]. Would have shortened the overall length of the mechanism and made for an interesting handgun…