COTD (Cat Scan Of The Day): KRISS VECKOR

    My friend, and occasional TB contributor, Houston from X-Ray Guns has just finished up his latest firearm CAT scan. This time he has scanned the KRISS VECTOR .45 submachine gun. He wrote …

    I’m still waiting on my stinking form 4 but my local FFL dealer friend hauled it over last month for a late night imaging session in my CAT scanner. After tailoring a scan protocol for it and generating several source images I worked on it cleaning up background artifact and ported it into print media format. I just got back the prototype from the professional print shop I work with on these. I havent listed them for sell yet but prob will within a month if there’s sufficient demand for them to warrant a bulk custom print job. If not, I don’t really mind because I’m happy making them for my own personal collection regardless.

    So if you are keen on getting a print, you should probably let Houston know you are interested otherwise it might never go on sale. I have a number of his prints in the TFB office, including the AR-15, AK, MP5K, Tavor and others. They look my nicer in person than the iPhone photo pictured above that Houston snapped to show us.


    Steve Johnson

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