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Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • pc299

    Is it just me or do the bullets appear to be keyholing around 3:23?

    • Dr Sick

      Yes clearly and on the next slow mo too.

      • sauerquint

        It’s probably a 5.56 bore barrel instead of 5.45. That seems to happen alot.

        • Dr Sick

          Really ? I’ve never hear that !
          They’re sold on our gunstore ?

          • sauerquint

            I think it happens because of the availability and a kind of ‘close enough’ mentality when it comes to the Ak platform.

          • Max Glazer

            More likely due to the way bullet was made then a flaw in the weapon itself. AKs are precision made where needed. At IzhMash, the weapon undergoes many tests for correct assembly, tight grouping, correct zero as well as their now-famous reliability tests.

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    The slow mo audio was the best part of that video. ????

  • Yallan

    Should have approached Mikhail with a fifty in hand. Quite rude in hindsight since it’s normal for celebrities to charge for autographs a gun legend deserves to get paid imo. Especially since he got shafted by communism.