Weekend Photo: QBZ95 spotted at 2008 Olympics in Beijing

Chris sent us a photo he took at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing of a Police Officer armed with a QBZ95 bullpup. The photo was taken at the entrance to the Athletes Village. Chris also took a photo of a highly-classified SAM camouflage system cleverly disguised as a multi-color beach umbrella. Hiding in plain sight .. or something like that.

Chinese AA battery and target umbrella (1)

Thanks Chris!



  • To Tin Fung

    the whole point is to see the QBZ95 yet the photo has none to be seen ._.

  • Jeffrey Gravett

    Seriously it’s about the AA battery. LOL. Not the rifel.

    • l86a2

      just wait until china starts using CR123s.

  • I doubt the HQ-7 SAM is much of a secret. It is a reverse-engineered version of the Crotale SAM that had been purchased from France back in the late 1970s.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Hopefully, Wal-Mart will have them in stock soon. Everyone should have a Chinese knock off SAM system.

  • Matrix3692

    I think you guys might be more interested in the new “QBZ-95-1-PLUS”rifle.

    The rifle itself is based on the QBB-95 LMG platform, retains it’s heavy barrel, but cut down to standard-length(from 557mm to 463mm), and build to a “rifle’s” (rather than a LMG) standard. But I suspect with a match grade barrel. Some source claim that this particular rifle can shoot better than 1.5 MOA at 200 meters (ammo type not specified).

    • Riot

      I wonder if HK will be like: “See! The Chinese are using a rifle based on the LMG version.”

      • Matrix3692

        Well…… this IS a running gag currently on chinese forums……

    • Sianmink

      Cheek weld? What’s that?

      • Matrix3692

        It is a cheek weld.

        • Matt

          That might be jaw weld, but it’s definitely not a cheek weld.

      • Esh325

        He has a cheek weld, it’s just the rifle has a very high line of sight.

      • Thay Guy

        Seriously, do I gotta be that guy?… he’s using the Chin weld 😛

  • Cytoxan

    Im sure UTG will have tons of quality accessories and parts for this rifle.

  • RealitiCzech

    Just as a general rule, it’s best to avoid photographing foreign military installations. It can seriously upset the residents thereof.

  • patrickiv

    So…where’s the rifle?

  • Matrix3692

    To install the mod, some parts of the lower receiver, including the parts connecting the barrel assembly and the sights had to be saw-off, this is a no-go for the PLA, who required all mods that you slap on the rifle is reversible.
    Which mean that no permanent changes to the rifle or receiver itself are allowed.

    • John

      But apparently the upper receiver is removable, so why couldn’t they make a railed version?

      • Matrix3692

        Because the rear iron sights on the carrying handle are directly attached on the lower receiver and barrel assembly, and thus making a “flat-top” impossible without sawing off the entire structure. Quad-picatinny-rail handguards design by a young Hong Kong chap had seen usage in limited numbers. But officially, the standard rail interface for PLA’s standard issue sights is not the picatinny.

    • j_Case123

      the only things that need to be sawn off are the sight tower posts/carry handle, and only about half of it, the way you worded it made it seem like half the rifle was chopped up to get the FTU on. also, while the FTU is technically removeable, its a huge pain in the ass to take off and put back on, all the screws holding it on are loctite’d and the fit over the remaining parts of the sight towers are very very snug.

      • Matrix3692

        But you do had to saw it off, and it is not a reversible process. The regulation says that all modifications done to the rifle had to be reversible.

        • j_case123

          yes, i didnt mean my post to come off as a counter to what you were saying, was just trying to add a bit more info about the FTU

  • Matrix3692

    Only some units of the Armed Police and border guards are currently equipped with the QBZ-03, and the mainstay PLA units are still being issued with QBZ-95’s and new QBZ-95-1’s. On the chinese forums, it’s now quite rare that anyone have mentioned that anymore new units being issue with the QBZ-03, but more and more are getting the newer 95-1’s.

    And on the other hand, the QBZ-95 are getting more and more upgrades along it’s service life, and even branching out into a LMG-version, carbine-version, and a export version. And the QBZ-03 are getting NONE, no upgrades, no derivatives of any kind, and the export version has so far just a rumor, and has not produced any orders from abroad.

    The QBZ-03 has always been considered a parallel-designed fallback plan in case some thing went terrible wrong with the QBZ-95, but so far, that has not happened, and developing two parallel-designed service rifle does not go well on the long run.

  • Esh325

    The PLA is already making a model with a ful length rail, the QBZ 95 plus. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/04/02/new-qbz-95-1-model-work/