Jeff shared his latest pawn shop find. He writes …

I found this little beauty in a local pawn shop just waiting for someone to give it some love. It’s a 1969 Colt Police Positive Special in .38 Special. It was covered in a decent amount of surface rust when I bought it and it has some mild pitting in a few spots. Even though the finish is rough, the action is EXTREMELY tight and the trigger is smooth. Eventually the gun will get a new coat of bluing and be stored in my nightstand.

Jeff, please send us a photo once you have restored it.



  • I love those old classics so much – there’s a diamond in the rough, just in need of a little TLC to make it shine.

    • Jeff Smith

      Definietly so! Unfortunately, I need to wait until after finals to do so!

      • I’d love an update once there’s time to take the gun to the range!

        • Jeff Smith

          Will do! I just need to wait until after finals. Grad school will be the death of me!

          • Bill

            If I could do it, anybody can, just don’t go on the 20 year plan.

  • M

    Nothing wrong with a little patina

  • WPZ

    One of the finest practical mid-caliber revolvers ever. Small, handy, easy to shoot.
    Also a great centerfire for smaller hands. Short trigger reach means easy to get the trigger sweep right.

    • Jeff Smith

      It’s certainly a fantastic gun. I haven’t had a chance to take it out yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  • erudnedne

    Why blue it? apply a coat of Teflon!

    • Jeff Smith

      I was considering having it cerekoated (a few places around my area do it for a reasonable price), but I love that deep blue color that the older colt revolvers had.

      Also, having it cerekoated would literally cost more than I paid for the gun!

      • avconsumer2

        Heh, reminiscent of some cars where the wheels are more expensive than the car, usually not the… wisest… of aesthetic choices.

        • Jeff Smith

          Haha! Too true!

  • FrenchKiss

    That front sight blade looks weird.

    • iksnilol

      IIRC it is shaped like that to reduce glare.

  • Bill

    one of the first handguns I wanted to own when I was a kid

  • Devil_Doc

    Sandblast + Duracoat = winner

    • Jeff Smith

      I considered it, but I love that deep blue finish on a revolver. Although, duracoating it is tempting!

  • kevin kelly

    My great grandfather carried one of these in the 20’s while with the phila PD. My father just received it.

    • Jeff Smith

      That’s pretty amazing! I love guns with a history!

  • WFDT

    Man, that is gorgeous. I love old guns that have lost their blue and have stories to tell.

    • Jeff Smith

      Same here! The gun/pawn shop that I frequent has a steady stream of them coming in at EXTREMELY good prices. My bank account has suffered tremendously!

  • claymore

    One of these was my first ever “issued firearm” on the State Police along with solid lead bullet rounds. We had bunches of them stored in the barracks armorys to be used as spares as they broke FREQUENTLY. During qualifications mine stopped on every string. The only advice the range officer could give was when you graduate and get to a Troop change it with one of the spares.

    Fortunately soon after I got on the road we switched to S&W 66 in .357.

  • Jeff Smith

    Thanks for the tip! That looks pretty dang close!

  • DetroitMan

    They will never be sexy, but the Police Positive is a darn fine revolver. They are light, handy, and decently accurate. An excellent utility gun.

  • Ian Fuller

    I recently helped a friend, who is going thru a divorce. In her possession was a 1966 Colt Police Positive Special in .38. It is in absolutely mint condition. I was amazed. In the original box and everything. Lemme See if I can find a picture. I think I can still obtain it…