Arsenal .22LR Ballistic Knife Video

Here is a video showing some of the workings of the .22LR revolver knife imported by Arsenal Inc. I could not find this knife on their website so perhaps they are no longer importing them.



In this video, this guy shoots one of these knives. As you can see in the video, it has a loop to make it a bayonet.

Nicholas C

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  • Dracon1201

    Oh, so it isn’t a ballistic knife… 🙁

  • Suds77

    I get that it is a novelty item, but without a full tang it is useless as a knife, especially a bayonet. I never understood why companies bother with these sorts of things, and then charge Tavor and 2cases of ammo money for it.

    • Yond

      I completely agree with ya’, and I’ll add that even a half tang is better that basically no tang.

  • Not_a_Federal_Agent

    That is not a ballistic knife. Do you even bother to read your article before posting it? Or do you just not know what a ballistic knife is?

    • Dr Sick

      So you are not a federal agent ?

      • Not_a_Federal_Agent

        Are you a doctor?

        • Dr Sick

          Actually i’ll be in two year

    • James

      Yeah I was always under the impression that a ballistic knife was a knife whos blade actually is launched out of the handle via a spring or other power source…

  • Nick, if these were imported after 1968 they would be illegal to sell to civilians. NFA items must be made domestically to be for sale commercially (this is why you dont see B&T cans in stores).

    • Capybara

      Not correct Alex. AOWs are an NFA item and are perfectly legal to manufacturer today, I should know, I manufactured two last year (AR pistol to AOW). You are thinking of machine guns.

      • Ken

        Legal to manufacture, yes, but not legal to import for consumer sale. He’s right that the 1968 GCA banned the importation (but not the further manufacture) of NFA items for commercial sale. Your AR AOW, while legal for you to Form 1 to make, is not legal to import.

        People confuse it with the 1986 FOPA, which further restricted NFA items by not allowing any more full autos to be added to the registry for commercial sale.

      • I am correct sir. It is 100% illegal to import an NFA item and sell it to civilians. The Gun Control Act of 1968 made items that do not have “sporting purposes” illegal to import and sell to civilians. They categorized all NFA stuff as not being suitable for sporting purposes. I should know, I am an 07/02 🙂
        If an AOW is manufactured domestically, then it is legal to sell to consumers as far as the federal government is concerned. Same with any other NFA items sans fully automatic ones. Like I said: this is why you do not see Brugger and Thomet cans in shops.

        • James

          I know you’re right about the NFA laws but I wonder if the NFA is a legal piece of legislation at all now that the supreme court has specifically said that the 2nd amendment applies to self defense. Seems like the requirement to be “of sporting use” would be a clear infringement. Forgive me if this is to political, I’m just honestly curious how the NFA is still standing.

  • Don Ward

    Woohoo. I found the stupidest gun thing on the Internet today. And that says something because I watched a couple James Yeager videos earlier.

  • Grindstone50k

    … why.

  • Caveman ask

    Why you need knife when you have gun??

  • James

    This is clearly a modified m9 bayonet. The m9 has a bad rap (deserved or undeserved) for being too weak for bayonet use and this mod seems to weaken it significantly. Knife guns are still cool to me but I don’t understand the bayonet aspect. Maybe it was just easier to modify due to the Lego like construction of the m9.

    Still neat. I had thought about having an naa mini converted into something cool like this. It’s good to have friends that are mfgs. Haha.

  • Rick

    so silly, so guaranteed to outrage those who need their world examined. Makes me want one just for epic trollness.