Kurt from the Youtube Channel Off Target. Kurt told me they will be reviewing and test the G43 on thier channel soon. So go and subscribe! (I have)





Thanks Kurt!



  • SS Totenkopf

    a Glock- be still my beating heart

  • ryanjohn

    Is it too soon to review? I rather see the military channel on YouTube review it cuz he would abuse it before he makes a decision

    • Review is the wrong word and a word we don’t use in any of our videos. We’re planning 2 short videos, one that will compare the G43 features and specs with the XDS and the single stack Shield 9, and one that will show us shooting them side by side with some basic impressions of the differences. They will be more like short buyers guides for people who are shopping for a single stack 9. I agree MAC (and others) will do a much better review video, but we do short overviews instead of long reviews.

  • Sulaco

    Looks the exact same size as my Kahr PM9…

  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    This may sound snide, but do we really need any more Glock reviews? I mean really, it’s a glock, what could possibly be any different with any upcoming & subsequent glock produced pistols.