Japanese Gun Disarming Technique

I haven’t taken a disarming course, but I am dubious to the effectiveness of this Sensei’s method. He should have had his students armed with airsoft guns. Then let them shoot him to teach him the importance of being expeditious.

Nicholas C

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  • wetcorps

    “I’m the cook”

    • Giolli Joker

      Under Siege?

      • MR

        Needs more ponytail for that.

    • Hem90

      You win.

  • Giolli Joker

    Well… if you’re attacked by somebody that believes you’re a god and doesn’t even know what he’s holding, it may work. 🙂

  • Ripley

    Like taking candy from a baby.

  • GreekPreparedness

    Like a knowledgeable gunbearer would ever present a weapon to his opponent this way..

  • Menger40

    Wow, these work really great if your opponent is not willing to shoot you and not offering any resistance.

  • “Bushido is well in its way, but it is no match for a 30-06”
    -Jeff Cooper

    But seriously, it is odd that they would teach this. I have been to Japan for extended periods of time and have seen all of one firearm (in a holster that was locked!).

    • Kim Blomster

      No wonder they have no idea how lethal firearms really are.

    • WFA

      My time spent in Japan have led me to believe that most people who see a firearm regard it to be an airsoft replica and ignore the threat….therefore knives are the preferred weapon of choice….

      • Possibly. I can honestly say I have never felt unsafe in Japan. Although everyone stares at you if you are a Westerner (in rural areas you feel like a zoo exhibit!).

        • Panzercat

          And on the trains…

    • xyrth

      I think it’s a fairly common martial arts “thing”. The biggest issue i see with this, is that he’s crossing his whole body in some of these disarms. I’ve always thought to disarming as – trying to just not get shot somewhere critical. Better pushed to the side than pushed into your center.

  • Stephen

    Hey Japan, the 1960’s called and they want their teacup back!!!

    This is some high speed, mall ninja stuff.

    In real life this Sensei would be dead many times over.

  • Don Ward

    We might be in for a year of these if every country has its own disarming technique. Can’t wait for the Lichtenstein Disarming Technique and the Federated States of Micronesia Disarming Technique.

  • Certainly not the way I was taught to do it, and from my point of view there are so many flaws with that, the sensi would be dead before he even moved, but disarming is possible, it has been tried and proven to my satisfaction on many occasions. This is not to say that this is always the optimal option, in many cases, especially in civilian life it is simply better to hand over your wallet.

  • a grow’d man needs to beat that guy with a blue gun.

  • Don Ward

    Upon further reflection, I would be very reluctant as one of these gun men too. I mean, he keeps handing me a pistol and then he beats me up!

  • BryanS

    Ive taken at least one retention disarming “course” (as in not teaching, but practical discussion and practice with an experienced instructor) and its nothing like this. Although, in close quarters, a rifle with no sling is not a weapon you will hold onto long.

    I think the guys are only used to what they see in movies, or in kendo class, given how the rifle is held.

  • Bal256

    I hit ctrl+f and type in “shamefur dispray” and get 0 results from the comments. I guess I’m too early…

  • guest

    No wonder japs lost the war.

    That’s not a disarm technique, that’s advanced training in virginity protection!

    • Remember the Kamikaze? This guy is keeping the tradition alive(?).

      • guest

        Kamikazes managed to do something. This guy managed to convice himself and himself only he has done something. Very big difference.

  • themason90


  • Bill

    Disarming is more often successful due to the opponent’s lack of skill in weapons retention, rather than the disarmer’s skill. Action beats reaction

  • Alex Nicolin

    The guy with the AR15 could have pumped a dozen in his abdomen before he had any time to react.

  • jerry the geek

    This all looks like BS, and maybe much of it is.

    But there’s a difference between opposing someone who thinks that just because he has a gun in your face you to must be totally cowed, versus somone who not only expects you to blink but HOPES you will blink, so he can shoot you.

    There’s no defense agains the man who wants to kill you. But people who rely on the intimidation of the gun may not expect you to resist.

    All of these “Mall Ninja” moves? Hey, they might work. The horse may learn to sing. And what do you have to lose? Arre you going to offend someone?

  • Nate Stewart

    He died from shame!

  • Dude would be dead if those were real guns…..

  • Panzercat

    I’m going to agree here. At least I’m hoping my observations are correct– It’s basically a half-speed, kiddie gloves demo. I wish it was shown in a more realisitc environment, because that video really leaves a bad, out of context impression when taken against something like a full speed, force on force krav demo.