New Benelli Ethos 20

Benelli has been in the business of manufacturing firearms for almost half a century, and throughout those years they’ve continued to come up with new and innovative products. One of their recent popular models is the Ethos 12, a shotgun designed for both visual elegance and a functionally superior performance. It’s ergonomically designed, easy to load, and said to have significantly reduced recoil. The Ethos 12 has been making its mark among hunters, and now Benelli is expanding its reach with the introduction of the Ethos 20.

From Benelli:

With two prestigious, back-to-back Shotgun of the Year awards on the trophy wall, it would be hard to surpass the buzz surrounding the new Benelli ETHOS 12. But the launch of the ETHOS 20 promises to do just that, and in the process drive subgauge enthusiasts over the top and into the nearest dealer.

The spry ETHOS 20 weighs in at just under six pounds, and like the 12-gauge predecessor, cycles any 2 ¾ or 3″ load from light to magnum flawlessly and interchangeably. Designed around the same platform as its beefier sibling, the 20-gauge model sports the same improved ergonomics, patented Progressive Comfort® recoil reduction system and fetching AA- Grade Satin Walnut stock and forearm. The superb balance and style affording ETHOS 12 shooters faster, more fluid mounting and handling is inherent in the lively 20-gauge version.

Featuring the trademark ETHOS replaceable carbon fiber rib and interchangeable front sight, shooters can quickly switch up between red, green or yellow fiber-optic inserts, supplied with the gun. A newly patented anti-seize magazine cap incorporates a synthetic bushing in the magazine cap to prevent binding from grit or foul weather.

Both 20 and 12-gauge ETHOS versions employ matching innovative technology, including a patented, easy-locking system that features a detent mechanism added to the bolt body. The design guarantees bolt head lock up every time, even when the bolt is eased forward without force. A new two-part carrier latch, beveled loading port and redesigned carrier ensures that shells glide into the magazine faster and easier, and the larger bolt release and easy access cartridge drop lever makes for quick handling and unloading, even with gloved hands.

Already named shotgun of the year by both Petersen’s Hunting and Guns and Ammo, the ETHOS 12 continues to grow its fan base of hunters and shooters, and the 20-gauge ETHOS promises a comparable entry into the market. The new, nimble ETHOS 20—and the award-winning ETHOS 12—are both available nationwide at dealers carrying Benelli shotguns and products.

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 20-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ and 28″ Weight: 5.6 lbs. Finish: AA-Grade satin walnut Crio® Chokes: C, IC, M, IM, F Sights: Fiber-optic front sight with red, green and yellow inserts Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: 2 ¼” Drop at Comb: 1 ½” MSRP: $2,199.

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