AK-47 With Rubber “Recoil Springs”

The list of abuses that you can do to an AK just seems to never end. (Mattv2099 goes into detail in that regard) But, Taofledermaus shows how you can get an AK running without its main recoil spring. Turns out all you need is a few rubber bands connected from the front sight tower to the charging handle.

Surprisingly, the rifle looks to run well, but its hard to see the changes in recoil. That said, logic dictates that you can adjust the bands (number or strength) to tune recoil to your desire.

Nathan S

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  • SP mclaughlin

    Wasn’t this posted about a week ago?

    • tts

      Yea think so.

    • By Nathaniel on the 6th.

  • Don Ward

    This gives me the second occasion to post this!

    Hey, y’all prepare yourself
    For the Rubberband man
    You never heard a sound
    Like the Rubberband man
    You’re bound to lose control
    When the Rubberband starts to jam

    *Groove, groove, groove*

    • Anomanom

      Who I’m is?

      Rubberband Man, wild as the Taliban
      Nine in my right, .45 in my other hand.

      Srry, couldn’t resist.

  • UnrepentantLib

    This guy reminds me of that old saying about “Judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.”

  • Kitsuneki

    So, should we wait for AK with spring on piston on the market?

  • Pete Sheppard

    I would have wanted a full face shield. Had those bands failed, that pen would have been driven into his face.

  • Gun safety?

    having seen pictures of what a bolt that went loose from the rifle will do to your face( and then the back of your skull) I’m not sure I would be shooting that thing…

    • john

      It would have to jump the rails to do that and that would be unlikely, but not impossible.

      • Giolli Joker

        Yep, the bruise given by a high speed marker hitting the cheek seemed more likely.

  • john

    The AK47 is beyond a doubt one of the best designed battle rifles in history. I doubt I would ever need to do this…but knowing I can is….priceless!

  • Steve Truffer

    just a nitpick Nate, if he put the bands on the charging handle, it would jam.

    • Jeff Heeszel

      It would have blocked the ejection of the spent cases, mostly. I initially was going to hook the bands to the handle.

  • Jeff Heeszel

    This looks a little careless, a little wreckless, but really a lot of thought and testing went into this before I handed the rifle to the shooter. We made sure we knew how far back the bolt and pen would travel back. We wanted it to come perilously close to his face for shock value. We also put a buffer in the receiver to prevent the bolt from jumping out of the
    rails. I say all this because I don’t want viewers to think this is something they should try to do themselves. You can get hurt in the worse case, or just mangle up your gun.