Roper1911 sent a great photo of his M1911A1 clone. He wrote …

This is my M1911A1 clone in an Adams Holster reinforced Texas IWB holster with mag carriers and three Chip Mc Cormick shooting star magazines. I’ve swapped the mainspring housing from flat to curved, installed actual Vietnam-era surplus grip panels, and a used WW II era stamped steel trigger. The base gun is a RIA 1911A1.

Thanks Roper1911!



  • Grindstone50k

    In before the 1911 elitists.

    Nice gun, would be nice to have a picture of his unholstered. RIAs are great for the money.

    • iksnilol

      I always found it weird. 1911s of old were the Glocks of their time, as in they were synonymous with reliable. But nowadays everybody is all “1911s are unreliable and can’t be trusted” due to all the raceguns built out of 1911s.

      • sianmink

        Yeah, there’s two ways to get a reliable 1911:
        Cheap GI model with tons of tolerance and loose fit. Rattles when you shake it but it goes off every time (as long as you use ball).
        or spend $6000 for a custom tuned and hand-fitted model from a boutique shop that will run like a sewing machine (At least until it gets dirty)

        • Ben Loong

          On topic of the former, I’ve always wondered what manufacturers still made G.I. 1911A1s to the same “clanky” tolerances as the original models.

          As far as my experiences goes, RIA/Armscor’s G.I. models still have pretty tight, modern tolerances, as is the case with my own Practical series Armscor 1911A1.

          • Grindstone50k

            The RIA 1911A1 FS is made to original standards, lose and dirty. She won’t win any beauty contests, but she’s bred for combat, not pagents.

        • Grindstone50k

          You could still spend $5k on a custom beauty only for it to never function correctly (Cabot, anyone?)

          • Beju

            “Oh, that’s my Cabot, amazing pistol. Have I shot it? Oh, heavens no, I just put it in a display case and LOOK at it while I sip a 50 year Scotch.”

    • Phillip Cooper

      Quite agree. I wish I hadn’t traded mine away to my dad- who promptly traded it to a friend for a 9mm Taurus 840.
      Sorry Dad- sometimes you’re stupid.

  • ColaBox

    I went to purchase a classic RIA 1911 once. Put it on layaway with $350 down. Got sold to another guy not an hour later. Took my money back and bought a ATI Titan. Don’t regret a thing.

    • Grindstone50k

      $350 down? How much were they charging for the final price? Mine was $400 out the door, BNIB.

  • 1911Junkie

    RIA is a nice gun, one of the very few affordable 1911s still on CA roster. When I got mine, I immediately replaced the hammer, sear and disco with the Cylinder&Slide kit….then got new slide from Caspian, drilled and tapped it for a rail…fitted new match barrel and bushing…oh yes, and got rid of that trigger, replaced by C&S 3-hole match adjustable trigger…then got a nice 25lpi checkered MSH…finally a pair of walnut grips…well, you got the idea, now I have $1500 RIA 1911 😉

    • Roper1911

      I’ve only changed out the springs in mine as far as internals go. 20lbs recoil spring, a 23lbs mainspring and some wilson combat shok-buffs.
      so- $399 before tax for the gun, $18 for the arched MSH, $9 for the new MSH springs, $12 for the trigger, and $10 for the grip panels. for a total cost of about 500 after taxes. not including my terrible mistake of buying a john Masen grip safety that didn’t even engage the stock trigger…
      (the stock grip safety a bit pointier then a 1911a1’s is typically…)

  • Grindstone50k

    Very nice!

  • Tinkertuner

    Got inspired on building a 1970´s style retro. It would have S&W K-frame rear sight and a squared trigger guard and such.

  • StBernardnot

    Those Adams Texas Holsters are super! I carry a RIA .45 CS daily & Can’t imagine a better combo! As an old Marine I shot Expert with a .45 that rattled! lol! This Rock doesn’t.

    • Roper1911

      oh yeah! Adam built mine with a custom dual tone. I love the thing. super comfortable.