Mike sent us a photo of his Cowboy Action Shooting rig, including a beautiful pair of Remington 1875 clones manufactured by Uberti in Italy. They are chambered in .357 Magnum.

The Remington 1875 was an early cartridge firing revolver based on the earlier percussion cap Remington Model 1858. It was sold in direct competition to the more famous Colt Peacemaker that entered the market a few years earlier in 1972.

There is something about the simplicity of a single action revolver that always brings a smile to my face when I am shooting one.



  • Giolli Joker

    I think 1972 is a typo… 🙂
    BTW, talking about Italian made replicas, Pietta is going to release their Python replica, named M1958… it could be quite cool.

    • Ken

      I wonder how sloppy it would be compared to a real Colt Python. I will be impressed if they manage to recreate Colt’s famous “bank vault tight” lockup, where the hand pushes the cylinder clockwise tight against the bolt and forward against the barrel. That way, the hand rather than the cylinder ratchets or the recoil shield bear the force of firing. That’s part of the reason why Colt double action revolvers require regular tuning. The hand is easier to replace (or stretch) than an extractor star, but it still requires a trained armorer.

      Now if Uberti were doing it, they might get it right. Pietta has improved over the years, but still not at Uberti level.

      • Giolli Joker

        I’m pretty sure that in Italy (where I come from) Pietta is regarded as having better quality and value over Uberti.
        Anyway, soon we’ll hopefully have chance to see how they managed to “clone” the Python.

        • Ken

          How much do they cost there? In the US, a Uberti costs about 50% more over a Pietta, but many people regard it as worth it.

          • Giolli Joker

            I honestly don’t know, I can tell that the gunshop owner I know, a friend and amateur cowboy action shooter, keeps Pietta in higher regard for quality and performance, based on his experience and that of fellow shooters… maybe it all comes down to comparable quality offered at a better price.
            I can understand that Uberti being part of the Beretta Group in the US it would be a better deal because of a better distribution/customer service chain.

  • Very cool.
    As an interesting note, people back in the day thought that double action revolvers would be just a passing fad!

    • sam

      Yep, they knew that would happen 😀

    • Chase Buchanan

      When I look at the Colt Double Action, I can almost see what they meant. Improvements were made very quickly, though.

  • MountainKelly

    I’ve been wanting an 1858 for forever. Or a walker/dragoon repro with conversion cylinder… .45BPM

  • Blake

    The Remington revolver designs are my favorite 19thC handguns. Love the smooth cylinder & octagon barrel of an 1858.

    See also the Confederate Spiller & Burr revolver, which was basically a clone of the 1858 Remington with a few improvements (my brother reenacts with one).