New RWS Loads


RWS, a hunting and sporting ammunition brand of RUAG Ammotech AG, introduced a number of new rifle cartridges for 2015.

From the company’s HIT line, RWS introduced four new calibers:

  • .270 Win
  • 8×57 IS (aka 8mm Mauser)
  • 8×85 IRS
  • 8×68 S

The HIT line of ammunition uses a lead free bullet that is designed for deep penetration and resistance to fragmentation.


In the Evolution Green line, RWS added another four calibers. They are:

  • 6.5×55
  • 6.5×57
  • 6.5×57 R
  • 6.5×68

The Evolution Green line of ammunition uses a lead free bullet, but one that will fragment after a dynamic expansion.

Richard Johnson

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  • Barney

    Where can one order RWS in the USA? I’ve looked everywhere with no success and RWS’s own dealer locator sends me to Spain. Thanks for any tips!