Rainier Arms/Grey Ghost Gear Covert Rifle Bag

Looking for a rifle bag that doesn’t look so, tactical? Rainier Arms and Grey Ghost Gear collaborated together on their new minimalist covert rifle bag. It measures 38″x11″x4″ and has 2 attachment points on both ends of the bag for a carry strap and the inside also has two zippered mesh storage pockets. It also has an 8″x3″ section on the front of the bag for patches in case you wanted to make it a little tactical. They retail for $125, check out RainierArms.com for more info.

Rainier Arms minimalist covert rifle bag by Grey Ghost Gear. This heavy duty soft case offers many essential needs to pack and carry your rifle without drawing unwanted attention.

– 500D construction,
– 38X11x4 in dimension
– There are 2 attachment points on either end of the bag for attaching the carrying strap that is included.
– The front of the bag features a 8X3 inch loop field to attach patches.
– The inside lid has two zippered mesh pockets to store loose items, cleaning kit, mags, ECT.
– Inside of the body of the bag is covered in loop. this allows the three provided attachment panels to be used in an infinite number of placements to hold any 38 inch or shorter rifle in place or to store a longer rifle in 2 pieces.
– There are two additional flat tie downs to secure a smaller item in the bag, such as a hand gun or spotting scope.



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  • Dogthecynic

    Covert, until you see the giant Rainier Arms logo on the bag. I still like the good old guitar case.

    • Vitsaus

      Ahem to that. I’ve been laughed at for putting rifles in guitar cases, but no one has ever hassled me when I step out of my door. Everyone just assumes I’m one of those “hey everyone look at me, I play guitar” douches. As opposed to “hey look at me, I like guns” douches.

      • Bill

        Just make sure it doesn’t say Fender, Gibson or Rickenbacker on it.

        Golf club bags used to be cool, until the price of clubs skyrocketed

  • David Johnson

    Looked good until they plastered that giant Rainier Arms logo on the side. Probably not the best for something low profile, right?

  • Orion Quach

    How many non gun people even know what the Rainier Arms logo is?

    • Vitsaus

      It also appears to have “Rainier Arms” printed in the bottom right corner. But maybe a bunch of folks will just think you have severed human arms in the bag. Nothing to worry about.

    • Paul White

      well, it says “arms” on it so it’s not a huge guess as to what they make

    • Drapetomanius

      I own a Rainier rifle and am not even sure that many gun people know about them outside of Washington state.

  • thedudeaz

    You could always use a keyboard case to transport (which look a lot like this case). As for the Raine arms logo on it, cover it with a Fender, Gibson, Korg, Roland sticker and problem solved.

    • david

      I plastered guitar stickers all over my Pelican rifle case for clandestine travel through the airport. That was until it was suggested to me that a guitar is just as likely,or more likely, to get stolen as a rifle. I now have biomedical stickers on it.

      • Bill

        Bingo: all those musical instruments in pawn shops and craigslist come from somewhere. I have “Survey Equipment” and some nonsense alphanumeric code on mine. There are also a couple “Glass: Fragile: do not drop” stickers on them to guarantee that baggage handlers beat the crap out of them so they look well-worn.

  • aweds1

    I have yet to see any of the so-called “discreet” rifle bags be truly discreet. External sections of velcro, PALS webbing, logos, and exclusive colors like coyote tan or foliage green, or any combination thereof, often destroy the purpose.

  • William Johnson

    “Covert” to me would mean like the LWRC guitar case or the Comp-tac tennis racket case. Putting your assembled rifle in a long case like that doesn’t seem very covert to me. At least the LaRue covert case breaks it down and comes in non-tactical colors.

  • Blackhawk2001

    Personally, I use a double tennis racket bag.

  • David Johnson

    Black trash bag with a “Bovine Feces Samples”
    label would never get stolen. Let’s kickstart this.