ARmA 15 Wall Mount

ARmA 15 has made a lockable wall mount for a standard AR15 rifle. The gun is inserted into the ARmA15 wall mount and using a padlock, the gun is secured. Even if someone were to rip the wall mount off the wall, the gun stays secured. The only downside is that the gun cannot be kept loaded due to the design of the wall mount.

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ARmA15 is the first mechanical, dual spring loaded, automatic opening AR-15 locking device for secure storage and transport of any AR15 Rifle. Instead of building just another locking box for a firearm we thought outside the box and designed the ARmA15 from the ground up build specifically for the AR15.

We were tired of companies who skimped on steel thickness so we used double the industry standard thickness in steel and triple the industry standard at our locking points.Unlock the ARma15 with a padlock (not included) of your choosing.  Recommended locks are ones that don’t require a key and can be easily undone in the dark.  See recommended padlocks.

The ARmA15 unit can be installed in your house in just minutes!  We were unable to find a commercially available screw that was secure & strong enough, so we designed our own to make the ARma15 installation as secure as possible. The self-drilling lag bolt is easily and quickly installed without the need for drilling pilot holes.  After installation of both lag bolts, it would require 1230-1842 lbs. of pull-force to remove the ARma15. The round head torx lag screw can not be accessed or removed when rifle is locked in ARma15.

The ARmA15 wall mount is available for purchase and costs $149.99.

Nicholas C

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  • ghost

    But, wait!! There’s more………….!

    • Nicholas Chen

      If you order today, we’ll throw in the ginzu self sharpening tactical scissors for free!!! That is a value of $29.99!!!! ORDER NOW!!! 1-900-Tac-Talk.

      Operators are standing by. LOL

      • Xpunge

        High speed, low drag Operators I presume?

        • sianmink

          They’d be on overwatch.

      • Chris Stockton

        We do hire tac talk operators to take all phone orders. Free of charge! ha

  • anon

    So what if I cut the padlock?

    • RickH

      Silly……burglars don’t have bolt cutters.

      • joe

        Most crack heads dont carry one in their pocket. Secure your weapon based on your threat profile.

        You can get padlocks that are sledgehammer proof.

      • sianmink

        I wonder if they designed it to be able to take an abloy puck lock. I’d like to see them try and get that off with bolt cutters.

        • Chris Stockton

          I looked into puck locks but wanted to give more versatility towards pad locks. Look into shrouded locks if that is a concern, but I prefer speed of the keyless, electronic and speed dial locks.

      • Don Ward

        Nah. They just use the bolt cutters you have hanging up on the wall in the garage.

        • Chris Stockton

          There are shrouded shackle pad locks if that’s a worry. In my house its hidden and locked. If they found it… looking behind my clothes that conceal it then and have the time to play with bolt cutters they have it. But if you want ultimate security you can go for a shrouded shackle but I prefer speed, you can pick the padlock based on your preference. Any safe, lock, anything with time and tools can be cracked.

      • Chris Stockton

        Any safe, lock can be cracked. This is more for quick access so kids and criminals don’t have easy access. If they have a bunch of time and tools they can get anything.

      • Chris Stockton

        Rick, As I was saying with don if you are concerned about bolt cutters you can go for a shrouded shackle. But mine is hidden behind closet unless they plan on stealing my clothes they wont notice it. You can buy the lock that fits your best needs.

    • BryanS

      If you use one like in the video, you can just hit it off. Pretty much anything from Masterlock is going to be mostly child resistant.

    • lol

      Or ya know…. rip it out of the wall and head back to your garage, then cut it.

      stupid idea.

      • joe

        ripping out of wall takes over 1200 lbs of force.

    • Chris Stockton

      anon, You can buy a shrouded padlock that isnt accessible with bolt cutters. But I prefer speed over thinking they are going to bring bolt cutters with them.

  • Don Ward

    Clearly the guy just needs to built a bigger coat rack out of pallet boards that he found!

  • lucusloc

    Call me when they design one that allows a mag to be left in.

  • Grindstone50k

    Yeah, nobody breaking into a home would think to bring a set of bolt cutters.

    Also, I wonder what Bohemia Interactive thinks about that name…

    • Chris Stockton

      Grind, shrouded shackle is an option if your worry is bolt cutters. In my house its hidden so I go for speed and ease of use. Also we own the trademark in the united states for arma15. See link above

      • Grindstone50k

        That’s good.
        My HD guns are not locked and unloaded, so I have no need for the product.
        Also, now I really want to see the ArmA series go to 15 just to see what they name it. ArmA XV?

  • Robert

    I would like to see a version where the gun presents itself out at a 45 when unlocked. It would facilitate quick removal.

    • noob

      hmm. you could get a heavy duty metal Z-hinge and bolt it to the hinge somehow maybe? you don’t have to bolt it directly to a non-moving wall.

      you could even not permanently install it anywhere and use it as a gun lock.

      I agree though, a neat way to make it more ergonomic without adding bulk would be a welcome refinement.

      • Chris Stockton

        Your correct if you wanted to you could mount this to different hinges but as it sits its takes on average about 1.5 second to operate and remove lock and 1 seconds to push magazine release and lift up 2 inches and its in your hands. On average 3 seconds total.

        Your also correct in that this can be used independently of mounting it to the wall. I use them when transporting the rifles and we recently designed a roll bar mount for broncos, jeeps ect. Soon to be working on truck mounts for under the seat.

    • Chris Stockton

      Takes about 3 seconds to remove as it is. Pretty quick. Just lift up 2 inches…

  • SP mclaughlin

    I hope Bohemia Interactive doesn’t hear about this.

    • Grindstone50k

      ArmA XV?

  • s

    now just need a version that allows you to secure it in the vertical postition.

  • gunslinger

    wow. that website. did they take a picture of their product description and then post that?