ARmA 15 Wall Mount

    ARmA 15 has made a lockable wall mount for a standard AR15 rifle. The gun is inserted into the ARmA15 wall mount and using a padlock, the gun is secured. Even if someone were to rip the wall mount off the wall, the gun stays secured. The only downside is that the gun cannot be kept loaded due to the design of the wall mount.

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    ARmA15 is the first mechanical, dual spring loaded, automatic opening AR-15 locking device for secure storage and transport of any AR15 Rifle. Instead of building just another locking box for a firearm we thought outside the box and designed the ARmA15 from the ground up build specifically for the AR15.

    We were tired of companies who skimped on steel thickness so we used double the industry standard thickness in steel and triple the industry standard at our locking points.Unlock the ARma15 with a padlock (not included) of your choosing.  Recommended locks are ones that don’t require a key and can be easily undone in the dark.  See recommended padlocks.

    The ARmA15 unit can be installed in your house in just minutes!  We were unable to find a commercially available screw that was secure & strong enough, so we designed our own to make the ARma15 installation as secure as possible. The self-drilling lag bolt is easily and quickly installed without the need for drilling pilot holes.  After installation of both lag bolts, it would require 1230-1842 lbs. of pull-force to remove the ARma15. The round head torx lag screw can not be accessed or removed when rifle is locked in ARma15.

    The ARmA15 wall mount is available for purchase and costs $149.99.

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