Dry Fire Options? Look at iDryFire

Following up with my earlier post about ITS Tactical’s article on dry firing, we were sent a link to a website that specializes in dry firing technology: www.idryfire.com

What I think is pretty cool is that they have a system that gives much better feedback than the LaserLyte (though they are considerably more expensive).  It looks like the system uses a camera to map the laser strikes and superimpose them on a digital picture.  Some of the variations of the packages they offer allow you to dry fire at your computer screen (with a sheet of material that presumably makes the laser easy for the camera to see while allowing you to see through it).  The other ones allow you to use a projector.  The video below demonstrates one of the products using a SIRT pistol.

I think the technology could be used to do some interesting training scenarios, and is definitely a way to add some feedback into your dry firing training, though the price is a bit prohibitive for the upper end kits.  I could also see it being of use to training classes.

It looks to be a commercial version of HomeLESS.  Anyone here think this would be a useful addition to your training regime?

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  • 3XLwolfshirt

    Cost of the software is $250 and the gun is sold separately for another $250, if anyone is curious.

    I like the idea, but I wish they could incorporate some type of battery-powered recoil. Shooting IR beams is fine, but without realistic recoil it won’t help your follow-up speed.

    • iksnilol

      Recoil would be nice. I really want to build a long range simulator (I don’t have access to a long range). Simulating the recoil would of course be a plus. The most popular option I have found so far uses CO2 (I obviously want it to be independent so CO2 isn’t attractive).

  • pandemicsyn

    Pffftt, …Duck Hunt is the only appropriate way to train 😉

  • Green Hell

    Why not GBB airsoft gun for that purpose?

  • -FinnishGuy-

    Been planning to design and build very similar concept for some time. Blowback airsoft pistol, laser and similar simple machine vision system = almost unlimited training budget.

    Competitive shooting training has used these systems for a long time, Scatt, Noptel etc. Only problem is that they are mainly intended for static shooting. And also somewhat expensive, usually over 1000 euros / dollars for single license.

  • stephen

    What happened to my post from this morning?

    All I said was that I tried other similar imarksman products and that they were all lagging in recording hits & sounds. From this video the lag is not that bad as the other stuff but its still there and its WAY too expensive.

    I then posted the new system I found that works much better (LASR program) from Centrolutions that only cost me $108 wiht using SAR discount code.

    Hmmm… either there was a glitch or someone didn’t like my post?

    • MattCFII

      Agreed, I’m a big LASR fan and user. My dry fire practice took a huge leap with adding the SIRT pistol and AR bolt, but LASR was a even bigger jump. They are about to release 3.1 whi ch will add support for a second camera to use to record your movements on drills so you will be able to analyze your draw and such.

      • stephen

        wow that new release sounds great. I will have to check that out.

        I’m amazed at how well it works and all the improvements they make to the system. It just keeps getting better & better.

  • Yond

    I like the idea, but it’s far too expensive for the people who are limited on money. It’d be easier for someone to get an airsoft pistol, either GBB or GNBB, for practice.

    • Andrew

      Not that expensive..

  • stephen

    From watching this video, I don’t like the need for having a computer and/or laptop AND an additional monitor, which again adds to the already too expensive price for this system.

    As I said I use the LASR program with my SIRT pistol and its leaps and bounds ahead of this system.

    I do wish there was a recoil kit that was affordable for us everyday people. However the Dvorak system is about $1,000 per pistol.

    Somebody please make a cheaper version.

  • rottenit

    I purchased a imarksman from them it was laggy and buggy. Went for days round and round with the company until I was reaching the end of the “you can return it if you are not satisfied” so I got an RMA after a couple of weeks and sent it back. Took several weeks and threat of legal action to get my money back. I hope they have improved since then.

    • Andrew

      Hello Mr. rottenit, I’m Andrey Safanyuk from iMarksman and I’m a Developer, Founder, Owner and the President of iMarksman. Would you please forward me the communication about “threat of legal action to get my money back”. Thank you.

    • Tested iMarksman and was very satisfied, no problems at all.

  • Andrew

    stephen, you never tried couple of iMarksman products… is the means you are not telling the true?

  • JJ

    I have the iDryfire, I love the products, no issues, when you compare the cost of just a laser insert vs real tracking and training, this is a bargain. The LGS is selling just a laser reset set for $200 just for the laser.

    I found when just dry firing at targets I was not receiving the feed back I needed for my draw and first shot on target. The iDryfire allows for splits, action shooting, you can also set up mini paper targets, use the camera an set the timer. You can use the camera for weapons transitions, splits between shots, and what ever dry fire course you can Imagine and get ready for the next match.

  • Hi Stephen, my name is Richard and I would like to pose a question to you. What affiliation do you have with the NRA are you a TC, Instructor or what?

  • Doc Rader

    That is kind of cool! So really you only need a laser and “web cam”? I just scanned through the Github (the link was broken in your comment–it spliced on a trailing “)”).

    I may have to give it a try. I’m really looking for something that I could potentially hook up multiple cameras to (to stage a “course” in the house, etc). Open source is nice… 🙂

  • Hi Stephen, my name is Richard and I would like to pose a question to
    you. What affiliation do you have with the NRA are you a TC, Instructor
    or what?

  • Kent H

    I have found these particular Dryfire Products to be incredibly valuable! Hi Volume Hi repetition self diagnostic training is what works for me! Distributed Learning is the best and most effective type of learning (5-10 minutes 5-6 times a week) as compared to Block Learning (60-90 minutes a week one day a week) which tends to overwhelm the senses/brain and confuse the issues you need to train on.
    Kent H
    USPSA Production Master