Dry Fire Options? Look at iDryFire

    Following up with my earlier post about ITS Tactical’s article on dry firing, we were sent a link to a website that specializes in dry firing technology: www.idryfire.com

    What I think is pretty cool is that they have a system that gives much better feedback than the LaserLyte (though they are considerably more expensive).  It looks like the system uses a camera to map the laser strikes and superimpose them on a digital picture.  Some of the variations of the packages they offer allow you to dry fire at your computer screen (with a sheet of material that presumably makes the laser easy for the camera to see while allowing you to see through it).  The other ones allow you to use a projector.  The video below demonstrates one of the products using a SIRT pistol.

    I think the technology could be used to do some interesting training scenarios, and is definitely a way to add some feedback into your dry firing training, though the price is a bit prohibitive for the upper end kits.  I could also see it being of use to training classes.

    It looks to be a commercial version of HomeLESS.  Anyone here think this would be a useful addition to your training regime?

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