Lyman 1878 Sharps Rifle

lyman rifle

Lyman Products is selling a reproduction of the 1877 model Sharps rifle mated with the Lyman tang sight to create a gun they call the 1878 Sharps rifle. This specific tang sight was introduced in 1878, hence the gun’s name. The guns are made to Lyman specifications by Pedersoli.

These single-shot reproductions are chambered in .45-70 and have a 30″ barrel. The overall length is 47″ and the weight is 9 pounds.

The rifles have period-styled laser engraving and a polished wood stock. The fore end has a ebony tip and a functional checkering pattern.

The MSRP on these guns is $2,150.

Richard Johnson

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  • Blake

    That’s a nice lookin’ piece o’ walnut you got there.

  • iksnilol

    Seems like a nice and lightweight target gun if the barrel is any good.

  • Borchardt

    Shiloh, all you need to know about Sharps rifles.

  • Barry Hirsh

    Who in the HELL would pay $2160 for a friggin’ SINGLE SHOT rifle?

    • 277Volt

      No question I would if I had the money.