Mark sent us photos of his commercial DWM Luger manufactured in 1909, making it 105 years old.The Reichsbank notes are a nice touch!

1909 DWM luger 1

Alex’s previous TFBTV video is about his 1920 DWM Luger. It well worth watching.



  • Awesome!

  • d

    What an awesome pistol

  • FrenchKiss

    Where can I buy one of these?

    • A luger? They made millions so, like, any reputable gun store that sells more than modern whizbang crap.

      • FrenchKiss

        I’ve called up a few shops and they said that lugers are hard to find. I told one LGS owner that millions were made, so they should not be that hard to find. Also, I told him that if he finds one I’ll probably go up to $500 for one in good condition. Haven’t heard from him. I’m still looking if anyone wants to sell me their luger.

        • Dual Sport

          $500 for a Luger in good condition from a gun shop? I dare say you won’t here from them if looking for something historical.

        • You won’t find a luger for $500 that isn’t questionable in more ways than one. And check gunbroker or armslist, there are thousands for sale. They were the most popular automatic pistol in the world for decades.

  • PXN

    The luger is a work of art

  • Beautiful!

  • Alucard

    It really is a shame that Lugers aren’t made any more I’d definitely like to have one in stainless steel with a 3 inch or 2 inch barrel.

  • gunslinger

    yup. one of my grail guns