300BlackoutSober from Phoenix sent us this photo. Apparently it “shoots like a dream”. I say that if it shot half as good as it looks it would be a keeper.

To my best recollection I have never shot one of these (although I shoot a lot of guns and have a bad memory…), but I have definitely handled them on a number of occasions and they all look damned good. The classic 1911 platform combined with the timeless (and effective) round that is the .357 Magnum combine to make something very special. They retail for around $1,375.



  • Dan

    Is coonan still working with the gun grabbing group evolve?

    • BattleshipGrey

      This is news to me. Very disappointing if so.

    • Risky

      From TTAG articke: On the topic of home security, Dan Coonan says, “Get a dog “. The Coonan
      .357 Magnum Automatic slogan is “Looking for your first pistol? This
      isn’t it.”

      How this ‘gun’ company is still in business is beyond my understanding.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Guess I’ll scratch that off the “eventual buy” list.

    • Steve Martinovich

      And Kimber gets my next purchase!

  • Green Hell

    Looks so perfectly smooth, i would be probably be afraid to toch it without rubber gloves.

  • 2wheels

    Definitely one of the more interesting adaptations of the 1911 platform out there.
    If I ever succeed in my plan to marry a very rich woman (or win the lottery), I’ll probably have one of these in my gun collection.

  • I…. I need one.

  • Sulaco

    Had one, big, heavy but shot even really hot .357 158gr very well. The problem I had was the magazines. There were two versions for two versions of the gun and you could not find any of them for sale. Finally found some on ebay but they went for SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars each! I no longer have it.

  • ripthesystem

    Best handgun I ever owned! But they are even bigger than a 5 inch 1911. Almost no kick or muzzle rise with 125 grain full power .357 loads. I used to use mine for bowling pin matches, and it did great. It kind of works like a constant recoil action. The slide recoils much longer than a regular 1911 slide because it has to eject full size unfired .357 magnum rounds. Great gun!

  • Would be interesting as a box set with a .45ACP revolver.

  • guestf

    I almost bought this gun (used) but settled with 357 sig

    No point is using an antiquated, long revolver cartridge in a single stack.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    I own one. The Coonan is a realoaders dream gun. If you get one, also get a few extra recoil springs of varying weights. The chamber walls is thick as hell. Max loads +, check. 38 special wadcutters, check. Trigger pull is very nice out of the box. Only criticism is a somewhat rough finish is you look closely and those useless 3-dot sights. This gun is highly accurate but the sights don´t do it justice.

  • james

    Since it uses rimmed cartridges, does reliability suffer due to rim lock? I always wanted a .357 semi auto along with a .357 lever gun… sigh… one day.

  • The customization potential of the pistol is untapped. Imagine swapping out the .357 Magnum barrel for a .22 Jet, .256 Winchester, 10mm iAi Magnum, or even a rimless .41 Magnum.

    • the ammo addict

      You’re speaking my language! This needs to happen!

  • Alucard

    I like the idea but wouldn’t a 10mm 1911 be just as good while keeping parts compatibility and normal grip size?

    • Rog Uinta


      Good 10mm will hit as hard as all but the hottest factory .357.

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        Harder. 10mm outperforms the .357mag in pretty much every aspect. It sits right between .357mag and .41mag in power.

        • Rog Uinta

          Eh….no. Go compare Buffalo Bore’s loads for 10mm and .357 Mag and then get back to me.

    • El Duderino

      You could go 9×25 Dillon too (necked down 10mm). 125gr at 1750fps fast enough for you? You probably won’t find ammo at the local hardware store though. Not sure if there is a reasonably priced 1911 in that caliber on the market, but buying say a Rock Island 10mm and getting a new barrel wouldn’t be too tough.

      • Alucard

        I’d personally just rather stick with hot loaded 10mm than 9mm Dillion,plus 9mm dillion is going to be difficult to find and probably very expensive.(barrel and ammo)

  • Fruitbat44

    I have one across the idea that the Coonan was the idea of marrying the perfect cartridge, the .357 magnum, with the perfect launching platform, the 1911.
    Of course it should in both cases be “perfect” or “what some people consider to be . . .” and “ideal” marriages don’t always work out that way. However from the depths of my armchair I think it’s a pretty cool concept and it looks like a pretty cool pistol.

  • Vitsaus

    I would never buy one of these but it certainly has a cool factor I can respect. It sort of reminds me of those old S&W semi-autos that were chambered for .38SPL. I can’t remember the model, but those things were cool as hell too.

  • Xiao

    Shot this with Dan one year after SHOT in the desert, was very impressed with both the man and the gun.

    Once I have the funds, I will buy one.