Rough Soldier Training

Here is a video of a soldier in training. The instructor yells at him and fires off rounds next to him while getting the solider to perform tasks like pushups and weapons manipulation. Does it seem dangerous? Potentially yes. But this is training. The instructor seems to point in a safe direction. More importantly the training helps the soldier focus and ignore distractions. Almost like a desensitizing exercise.

Nicholas C

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  • They probably were firing blanks. Hearing loss could still be a hazard of course.

    • Cesare Renzi

      You can see the bullets hitting the dirt. And yeah, I hope the poor sod wore ear plugs at least; deaf soldiers don’t strike me as very reliable.

      • Vhyrus

        A blank will still kick up dust a few feet away, and there was a lot of flash so I am thinking it could be blanks as well…. but it may have been live.

  • michael

    Obviously not relevant on today’s battlefield. I mean, there’s no mention of sexual harassment prevention, and that weapon is clearly not a computer.

    • Agitator

      ARCOMs all around!

      But wait… neither of them is wearing a reflective belt!

      • Yellow Devil

        AAMs then!

  • Bal256

    Training good. Get learned how to kill things more deader faster.

  • Samson

    Sounds like a South African accent to me, those are some crazy, dirty tricks muthas.

  • allannon

    Seems reasonable enough for a soldier.

    It’ll be dumb when some civilian copies it, though. :p

    • YS

      Yeah, bit too much for civilian application, but we used a similar concept during the CPL training.

      All the instructors and students would start yelling at you randomly, and you had to put 5 rounds into the target.

  • rick

    That’s how my wife and I have sex… is that weird?

    • Y-man

      Crazy! I thought that is how the earth shakes!

      • Tassiebush

        I thought it was a snippet from the 50 shades of grey movie with the characters role playing. Anastasia Steele gets short hair cut and attempts drill while Christian Grey yells in South African accent!

        • gunslinger

          50 shades of OD green

    • JSmath

      If she’s constantly yelling at you to fix your gun, there’s like three dozen different brands of pill for that.

  • Norm

    They appear to be blanks, based on the muzzle flash. It would teach you to focus.

    • the ammo addict

      No, with the muzzle that close it would result in the trainee losing his hearing. This kind of “training” is just stupid.

  • Phillip Cooper

    As much as the instructor is applying immediate action to the AK, I’d say it’s rather obviously firing blanks.

    • Bill

      I don’t think so, you can see dust kicked up several feet away from bullet impacts. This video circulated a number of years ago and the prevailing theory was that the “instructor” was mentally ill.

      I believe in stress inoculation as much as the next guy, but this is beyond the pale. Training has to result in quantifiable results, either improvement or failure, I’m not certain how you would measure the effectiveness of this. Besides, killing trainees is counterproductive, expensive and results in a lot of paperwork.

      I wouldn’t participate in a drill like this unless disarming the “instructor” was an option. If they want to put me at risk of a bullet wound, I think they should accept the risk of some broken bones and concussion.

  • ghost

    That is just so insensitive. The brute.

  • Ethan

    0:21 – “Now if you can master a slap like that” -Archie

  • gbailey814

    When I first saw this I thought it must be Iraqi or Afghan “training” until I heard the “instructors” accent. What an unprofessional load of crap. He’s firing live rounds next to a trainees head and throwing him around while both are carrying armed weapons. While civilians may think this “training” is how someone becomes a Soldier, I know if I did this to my Soldier’s, I’d be in a prison in Leavenworth the same day. You can provide stressful situations without being dangerous to everyone around you. Apparently this “instructor” isn’t familiar with ricochet either.

    • Daniel

      Quiet you

  • Lance

    Is this the Iraqi Army?

    • Bill

      It was “contractors” in Iraq. The differing accent is due in large part because the Brits and South Africans, along with a couple other countries, started the private military contractor field long before Blackwater was even light dark.

      • KestrelBike

        Remember Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone? South African initiated 😉
        Hah I read a long time ago that their client couldn’t pay in $$, so they paid them with a diamond mine

        • Bill

          One of a number of dubious shenanigans in the PMC field, long before the days of Oakleys and tribal tattoos ……

  • West

    This is how my dad got me to take out the garbage when I was a kid.

  • Rob

    I believe this is merc training in Kuwait or Iraq the instructor is former South african recce commando apparently this was not unusual for there training!

  • stephen

    its big boy training plain and simple – when people say they would never do it, that means they have not had real big boy training. Most people who frown on this type of training also forget that there was probably LOTS of beginning and intermediate training before this occurred.

    Just saying

    • Joshua

      Big Boy training huh? Guess SoF is just not Big Boy enough for you, because we never did stuff like this.

    • Bill

      What does “Just saying” even mean in this context? Big boy training doesn’t put trainees at unnecessary risk. Force on force training, where you could actually shoot someone with NLTA is big boy training. Having a trainee run a mile and then shoot the qual course without a break is big boy training. Having a siren running constantly is big boy training. This is the kind of bullshit amateurs do as “training,” because they have no grasp of how adults learn new skills. It looks like fun, so lets do it and we can say we’re badasses isn’t training.

  • the ammo addict

    That’s just stupid. The only reason the soldier being trained would be desensitized is because he is now deaf!

    • Tom

      Its like the old saying goes “the harder you sweat in training the less you bleed in combat. And the more deaf you become from training the less sounds on the battlefield will bother you.”

      • Cesare Renzi

        So that’s why officers yell all the time! Thanks for clearing that up.

  • toms

    Nobody Killed badguys like the SADF commandos used too so I won’t criticise. They used to put their SF through some seriously harsh training where death or permanent disability was common place. Now their once formidable army is a glory hole of PC driven ineffectiveness.

    • n0truscotsman

      Yeah Ive only read stories about it and heard anecdotes. Pretty gnarly stuff. Forced marches, eating rotten animals, etc.

      Those guys are harder than nails on a locust fence post

  • So old

    such an old video, who cares

  • Mikial

    Train hard, fight easy.

  • Fegelein

    I approve. Sweat in training to triumph in battle.