Chuck sent us this photo of his AR-15 pistol (or is it a SBR?) with a Spikes pirate-themed “Jolly Roger” lower receiver. It is chambered in .300 AAC BLK and has a KAK Slim Flash Can. Note the engraving around the fire selector.

If you are not familiar with it, the KAK Slim Flash Can is not a suppressor, nor is it a flash hider or a muzzle brake. What it does is shape the muzzle blast, sound and flash forcing it forward. They are a popular mod for AR-15 pistols.



  • guest

    That SBR reference doesn’t help/impress anyone.. my .02

    • Cheese_McQueen

      Nor does your comment.

      • guest

        wasn’t the intentions.. writer knows exactly what was implied.
        We have enuf folks implying about stuff, need to stick to the facts! I bet that Chuck doesn’t imply he constructed an SBR.. I bet he calls it as it is.. a PISTOL. Writer needs to show a little courtesy for members who share their creations with TFB, and not by implying anything.. much less a hot topic.

        • Cheese_McQueen

          Did you stop to think that the writer might be taking a shot at the ATF’s ridiculous rule change?

          • guest

            yes indeed.. taking shots at folks whom dictate the rules (CEO, Principals, Kings, ATF, etc..) typically does not end well for the rest of us.

          • anon

            Does posting here take time away from your normal 4:00 friday tinfoil wearing?

          • Cheese_McQueen

            Oh give it up. That “stay in line and they wont bother us” mentality is exactly what is wrong with the US. Grow some balls.

          • guest

            who said anything about staying in line?? it’s about not stoking the flame! enjoy what you have however it pleases you.. and if said enjoyment borderline’s the fringes.. shut-up about it and (cautiously) just enjoy! just sick of the way kids nowadays like to boast about certain stuff.. just go take another selfie and stay on FB.

        • anon

          The editor made a joke about a current topic. learn to have a laugh, sperglord.

        • KestrelBike

          Please stop groveling behind your government’s back for fear of offending them.

          • RICH

            If people would have just STFU and quit writing letters to atf asking about the SIG arm brace it would have just been left alone. The mass of letters sent about the arm brace damn near made it illegal to own one….. !

        • MR

          I’d almost agree with the ATF, if they’d issued this determination in the first place, and hadn’t claimed “intent=redesign”. If you set up your “pistol” to be braced against your “shoulder” (clavacle, upper arm, etc.) and place your optics and accessories to encourage such bracing, you’re creating a rifle. Where they messed up was issuing determinations stating that one can shoulder a Sig brace without creating an SBR, and “We do not regulate technique”.

  • FinallyFree

    Calico Jack (Jolly Roger is with crossed bones).

  • Don Ward

    Welp. Time to finally build my Rowdy Roddy Piper-inspired AR carbine… er… “pistol” with the “chew bubblegum” and “kick asz” on the fire selector.

    Yes. Yes I do already have the flannel shirt, stone-washed jeans and mullet. Why do you ask?

    • Brett

      Shut up and take my money!!!

    • Anon. E Maus

      Do send in pictures to TFB when you do so we can see it.

  • Porty1119

    What exactly is that definitely-not-a-stock gizmo stuck on the buffer tube?

    • JQP

      CAA Saddle

      • M

        I remember it as the thing people were sticking on their AR pistols to make it look less wonky…. before the SB-15 became huge

      • Brett

        On a thordson buffer tube cover

  • IXLR8

    That Lucid HD-7 makes any rifle look awesome!
    Nice build.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Really? Chinese knockoff red dot mounted in the single worst place it could be adds to it? I have some messed up ideas about what works well and what looks good then!

  • Hikerguy

    Captain Morgan would be proud.

  • jason

    Not an illegal SBR…you can do whatever you want with it…

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I bet it works fine in 300blk. Good move not making it 556 as at least you are taking advantage of one aspect of the 300blk. I just don’t get when people do super short 556 toys.

    Themed lower, highlighted engraving, Lucid optic, flash muzzle device thingie, lancer mag, AR pistol, BAD lever… Well, we certainly do have different tastes you and I. If I might make a suggestion, move your optic backwards off of the gap, and probably further.

    That MI rail looks good, those guys have really stepped their game up from the heavy quad rail days.

  • You bridged the gap, man. You never bridge the gap.

  • USMC03Vet

    keira knightley accessory sold separately? Does that require a tax stamp…..

    • charlesrhamilton

      Oh boy. I’d fill out that form…

  • Andrew

    That cheap Lucid optic weighs as much as the whole gun lol.

    • ghost930

      Been using one of Lucid’s HD-7’s in Iraq for about a year now. No problems, and it gets banged around way more than normal or competitive use would put it to. Stays in zero, the quick change reticle function still works fine. Optics snobbery is not pretty, or constructive.

  • KURT

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