Crye Precision SIX12 Shotgun Soon

Crye Precision has a website now for the SIX12 revolver bullpup shotgun. It is


I love their slogan: “Opening doors, meeting new people”

You can register for updates for the date the shotgun will be available. They also have a signup sheet for military and law enforcement to get evaluation units.


Here are accessories they have planned.

  • 12.5” overall length barrel
  • 18” overall length barrel
  • 22” overall length barrel
  • Quick attach mount
  • Horizontal grip
  • Vertical grip
  • Angled Grip
  • SilencerCo Salvo™ 12 hand-guard
  • Breaching Choke
  • Color-coded cylinders
  • Standalone stock kit
  • Custom carrying case

Here is a video showing some of the features as well as a barrel swap and stock kit change.


We saw a prototype of the silenced SIX12 at SHOT Show 2015. Well here is a better picture of it.


The Six12 is modular. Here is one configuration.


short_barrel SIX12_hero_shot_on_hk six12_hk_vertical

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  • Joe

    Nifty, i think its a better replacement for a masterkey any day of the week.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Because you don’t know these things until you actually feel them, and things that look cool on the Internet usually aren’t what they seem…

    I was very surprised after handling all the Six12 models just how rear heavy they all are. Like kinda stupid rear heavy. Also put off by the attitude of one of the particular people at Crye.

    The silenced handgun version that Silencerco had on display was unique. But everything shown was all 3D printed a year after debut. I wouldn’t expect these on shelves very soon.

    • joe

      Ummm, they’re bullpups, they’re gonna be front heavy. And the pix show less up front than most others. And it’s loaded with 12ga. Unless you’re saying it’s even more rear heavy than the IMINT suggests.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Maybe I wasn’t clear with the words “stupid rear heavy”?

        • Roarin’ Jeffs

          No, your meaning was not clear.

          “Stupidly rear heavy” would be a better a better construction given your word choice; however, “extremely rear heavy” would be a better choice given the range of your audience.

        • joe

          Yep, stupid rear heavy answers that question.
          RE: the right hand doesn’t know. I was thinking rear-heavy, fingers said front-heavy….

      • iksnilol

        @joe you surely mean it is going to be rear heavy. It makes no sense for a bullpup to be front heavy.

        @JumpIfNotZero of course it is going to be rear heavy, it is a 12 gauge bullpup that doesn’t use a tube mag. Physics at work and all.

        • echelon

          I think the confusion might be between the bullpup version and the underbarrel version.

          @joe might be referring to front heavy in the underbarrel of an AR scenario

          @jump is probably referring to super heavy in the trunk in the bullpup form.

          Just my guess…

          • iksnilol

            Ah… makes sense. Regarding breaching: I always thought that a sawn off (maybe 20 cm barrels?) O/U shotgun with breaching muzzles would be good for breaching. Since without a stock it would be so small that you can just drop it after breaching and use your primary arm.

    • Nicks87

      Crye makes some pretty cool stuff, I like their helmets, but It’s all high end elitist gucci gear. I wouldnt expect much from them in the attitude dept. Nor would I buy a bullpup shotgun from them.

  • Mike

    I need this in my life.

  • joe

    If anyone knows, how well will this mate to a SIG 556?

    • santi

      It seems, as long as you have a full length picatinny rail on your handguard I bet it should support it just fine. It’s supposedly very light.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        It was not any definition of light imo. I remeber only think how physically large the cylinder was (I remember thinking “softball”) and how much the whole system weighted.

        The DAO trigger was long and kinda heavy but that was OK. I was able to 1/2 spin the cylinder with a 1/2 trigger pull, leaving it in a state of purgatory that revolver shooters should be framiliar with, but that’s not uncommon.

        • iksnilol

          How heavy is the whole gun, without ammo?

    • santi

      NM someone just mention that they handled it and its super rear heavy, haha. my fault

  • morokko

    Given the bullpup layout, this thing better have exemplary gas seal between the barrel and cylinder. You know, just in case the operating operator left his nomex gloves and scary kevlar mask at home.

    • Nicholas Chen

      That was my concern as well. I took a closer look at that and they already have that considered. When you press the trigger, the cylinder rotates. At the same time a metal sleeve travels rearward and indexes on protrusions on the cylinder. It closes the gap and seals the chamber. Very clever.

    • wetcorps

      I can’t find the video, but I’ve seen their rep at Shot Show mention they made it so it couldn’t fire unless properly sealed.

  • Hokum

    The slogan is also an awesome moto 😀
    “Opening doors, meeting new people”
    Damn, their writers are good 🙂

  • Vitsaus

    Wouldn’t this fall under the “street sweeper” catagory given the revolving feed system?

    • DG13

      I believe the street sweeper had a spring loaded cylinder, so it was basically a semi auto…..I think the CRYE is manually rotated, but not 100% sure

      • JumpIf NotZero

        No. The Crye’s trigger rotates the cylinder. Source: I’ve handled the crap out of this gun.

        • Gil Faizen

          “I’ve handled the crap out of this gun” gives me a very strong mental image of you handling actual feces from a shotgun. I’m actually laughing out loud.

    • Paul Epstein

      There is no street sweeper CATEGORY, only specific guns, including the street sweeper and USAS-12, that had their sporting purposes waiver revoked.

      Currently, the way the law is written all shotguns are inherently suitable for sporting purposes, unless they have a barrel of less than 18″. To remove them from that classification requires action from way above the ATF.

  • TDog

    Not sure how soon is soon, but I am looking forward to its release.

  • Anon

    How is this passing ATF scrutiny when the Streetsweeper was banned due to its “revolving cylinder” and deemed unsporting?

    • Gordon J Davis Jr

      Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t we already have a semiautomatic shotgun that uses a manually rotating magazine that holds 4×4 shells? Fire four rotates, rotate magazine, repeat.

      • Dracon1201


      • Nicholas Chen

        Yes but none that are this small and compact. Also the Xrail is better than the one you are referring to.

        • Gordon J Davis Jr

          Doesn’t look that small or compact with a 18″ or 22″ barrel. Really no different than a SBR. And the 12.5″ barrel would make this a SBS, needing either a Form 1 to modify a 18″ or 22″ or a Form 4 to buy it as a 12.5″.

          • Nicholas Chen

            Here is a pic I took last year at SHOT. The barrel is 18.5. Mounted under an AR. Rather cool and it doesnt require any NFA to mount it. It is still legal length.

          • Gordon J Davis Jr

            20″ upper I assume?

          • Nicholas Chen

            I recall the Crye guy saying that was a 18.5 inch barrel.

          • Gordon J Davis Jr

            I mean on the AR.

          • Tim U

            The Crye website and some old shot videos claim its a 16″ AR.

            The 18″ includes the cylinders because that is how the ATF measures a barrel for legal purposes.

          • Gordon J Davis Jr

            I’m trying to figure out how that picture is even possible – unless the Six12 barrel is going significantly past the end of that 16″ AR barrel.

          • Nicholas Chen

            I think you only need a Form 1. If you watch the video, you can swap out the barrel yourself.

          • Gordon J Davis Jr

            But I’m sure it’ll be offered for sale with a 12.5″ installed, which would require a Form 4.

          • Nicholas Chen

            I doubt they would limit themselves like that. They will probably sell form 4 versions but to not sell legal versions seems silly.

          • Gordon J Davis Jr

            That is what I meant. They’ll probably sell 18″ and 22″ ones you can Form 1 into a SBS and 12.5″ ones you can buy as a SBS on a Form 4.

    • DIR911911 .

      the lawyers are better these days

    • dan citizen

      It was not exclusively the revolving cylinder that made BATFE rule the street sweeper was “non sporting”

  • Bill

    Love to know what the trigger press weighs in at – that’s a lot of mass to move. Would also love to know the price tag: Crye being Crye is probably about the same as a Toyota Tacoma. Then I’d like to know what it will do better than a $300 Mossberg 500 with an extended tube.

    Guy in the vid seems a little lazy when it comes to trigger finger discipline with the M4, pressing the wrong trigger at the wrong time would be counter-productive

    • dan citizen

      The trigger pull is a crisp 34 pounds.

      • Bill

        I don’t think you’re kidding

  • Blake

    Ah, my favorite Fallout shotgun:
    Pretty sure the Jackhammer’s cylinder was designed to move forward & close the gap like a Nagant revolver.

    • Darren Hruska

      Actually, seeing how the Jackhammer has a blow-forward action, I believe the barrel comes back to seal the gap. The barrel then moves forwards when the gun is fired, unsealing the gap and freeing the cylinder to rotate.

      • Blake

        Sweet, thanks.

  • David Lowrey

    Could these be considered pistols to avoid the NFA classification? Can you legally attach a pistol to a rifle without a tax stamp?

    • Gordon J Davis Jr

      No, you can’t. Attaching a pistol to a rifle converts the pistol to a SBR because it would now have a stock. Which is why the stockless KAC MasterKey is considered a SBS and not a AOW – once mated to a rifle, it now has a stock.

    • Anomanom

      Nope. 12 gauge is too large of diameter to qualify as a pistol. We learned this when Taurus tried to get approval for the 28 gauge Raging Judge and that was rejected as to large.

  • Fun thought – if this thing can be fired without any of the various stock attachments installed (and I cannot see any reason why this would not be the case), the “receiver” portion of the firearm will have to measure at least 8″ from the back end of the barrel in order for it to be not considered a short-barreled shotgun with the 18″ barrel on account of the 26″ minimum overall length. And given that this is a revolver, and given that barrel length measurements are generally made from the bolt/breech face, how will the revolver cylinder factor in to the overall length?

    I guess that’s why they’re offering the 22″ barrel, but for those folks looking to mount one of these to an AR, a tax stamp is going to be mandatory just to keep from looking ridiculous.

  • the ammo addict

    I handled one a SHOT. It was awkward and rear-end heavy – not a fan.

  • Don Ward

    I see they got Snake-Eyes from the GI Joe team to endorse it.

    • joe

      Hey, when you’re Snake-Eyes’s tailor….

    • Blake

      or Daft Punk 🙂

  • CommonSense23

    Brilliant idea, let’s go the exact opposite route the military breaching community has been going the last decade and a half.

  • joe

    At about 0:37 in the video, as the guy is pressing into the door, it appears the shotgun slides backwards on the rifle’s rail. Is this intentional or is there play in the rail grabber for better fit and it just wasn’t locked down?

    • M

      Look at the concept photos. It looks as though it has an intentional ~5mm of travel. It might be free sliding to prevent damaging the rails.

      I kinda recall a while back a video of someone firing 12 gauge shells out of a Spike’s 37mm launcher that was mounted to a an AR via picatinny rail.

      The end result was that recoil provided enough force that the mounting screws dug itself into the rail system, leaving some pretty gnarly deformities/burrs

  • 360AD

    How would the under-barrel version be classified by the ATF? AOW?

    • Nicholas Chen

      It depends on the barrel length. if it is a legal length then the AR becomes a stock so it is classified as a standard shotgun.

  • ColaBox

    That is Helghast as hell and I am loving it.

  • Andrey Martim

    I love the way the Masterkey Concept has evolved… This is gorgeous.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Nope, Will beat em to it on sons of guns with his under-barrel Saiga-12. Neva been done befo, game changa

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    And shoutout to these guys using Hall of the Mountain King as their video music!!!!