Arkansas Teacher Pleads Not Guilty To Shotgun Theft Charges

A teacher in Arkansas has pled not guilty to charges that he stole shotguns owned by his school’s skeet shooting club. From WMC Action News 5:

ASHDOWN, Ark. (AP) – An Ashdown School District teacher who coached the district’s skeet shooting club has pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing shotguns used by the club.

The Texarkana Gazette reported ( ) Friday that 41-year-old Terry Simmons pleaded not guilty to two counts of theft of property. Simmons allegedly sold or traded the guns at a pawn shop.

The guns were among 10 used by the skeet club and kept in a safe at the Little River County Sheriff’s Office. Just three guns were in the safe when a new coach took over the club and asked for an inventory. Authorities say Simmons provided three more guns that he said had been at his home.

Ashdown Superintendent Jason Sanders says Simmons is on leave from the district.

Good on the school for having a skeet shooting club in the first place. Where I grew up, that sort of thing as a school-sanctioned activity would have been extremely rare. Hopefully the issue gets resolved quickly.

Nathaniel F

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  • Ethan

    Speaking as someone who coached a public high school swim team for a few years, the theft of athletic equipment by unscrupulous coaches, managers, etc is not that uncommon. One of the other coaches was fired and prosecuted for “misplacing” several thousand dollars worth of funds and equipment while I was there.

    Of course, when we’re talking Firearms, the stakes go up significantly.

    • Jsim

      thousands of dollars of equipment from a swim team?

      • Ethan

        Kind of like how there are no limits to what tacti-cool accessories you can bolt onto an AR to “enhance performance” – there are tons of training aids offered for swimmers, some useful, some just “athleti-cool”.. but either way multiply it by 30 swimmers and the costs add up fast.

        • Jsim

          I catch your drift “performance enhancers”

      • J.J

        He never said the swim coach, just A coach.

        • GearHeadTony

          No, he said “speaking as someone who coached a public high school swim team”. I remember my first time reading.

          • gunslinger

            OP was coach of swim team. OP went on to say “” probably to mean those involved with any sport. he also said “One of the other coaches” which probably means one of the other coaches at the school. as most schools that have a swim team, usually have other sports teams. so i’m going to take it that OP meant football/baseball/track/etc.

  • DIR911911 .

    two counts? t10 guns , 3 at the sheriff’s , three at his home , shouldn’t that leave 4 still unaccounted for? unless it was two for one on gun crimes that day.

    • bakers211

      Maybe some were double barrel shotguns. That counts at two guns if you ask the ATF.