This was one of a number of photos published on Facebook. As far as I can tell, they show a self-defence militia training in Zhydachiv, a city in Western Ukraine not far from the Polish border.  The gun looks to be an H&K MP5 or clone and is fully automatic.

UPDATE: Apparently its airsoft.

Thanks to Tony for sending this in.

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  • ManBear

    Don’t mess with Granny!

    • Mr. Fahrenheit

      She’s only 23. Winters are rough over there.

  • Hokum

    Captain here. Those are airsoft guns.

    • John Doe

      Yep, one of our newspapers in Finland had a online video about this a day or two ago, this lady being the highlight of the story. And sure enough, they all trained with airsoft guns.

      • UnrepentantLib

        Seems like a pragmatic solution to introducing masses of people to the basics cheaply. Doesn’t tie up scarce weapons, use up ammunition, or require dedicated ranges. Won’t produce any marksmen, but at least they’ll know what the selector switch is, what the mag release does, and which end the projectiles come out.

        • Ethan

          Imagine if we could have that here in the States… Government subsidized militia training.

          • RICK


        • mikewest007

          And they cannot rack the slide anyway. I handled real pistols a couple of times, and trust me, those return springs are hard. Return springs on my airsoft pistols are a joke, but not even springer pistols come close to real-steel.

  • H

    This is from paramilitary training.
    They used airsoft guns. Mostly G36C/AK variants.

    • mikewest007

      Hah. The cheapest ones they could get to perform.

  • Roy

    Say it! Say you’re shipping me off to a home! I dare you!

  • Ethan

    Its still an old lady doing paramilitary training. 🙂

  • Alex

    So many of the pics and videos of the Ukraine conflict feature people that seem too conciously aware of the potential affects of their image reaching a response on social media outlets. Boy, that sounds cycnical. But is it narcissism I detect? I’m loathe to think so. No nevermind, it can’t be narcissism. Propaganda maybe, and that’s not a bad thing if you’re an outmanned, outgunned, freedom fighting rebel who needs to use any tools at his/her disposal to persuade recruitment and sway public opinion. I don’t know who to believe anymore. You seen Granny’s glasses anywhere?

  • Ethan

    That’s a good start, tho I was thinking a little more.. extensive.

  • ghost

    If you think a woman can not/will not kill you, you are wrong.

  • Ethan

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing