Shot Show 2015: Strike Industries

Strike Industries has two very interesting products coming out this year.

First up is their drop in rail for Glock frames. It adds 2 more slide rails giving the Glock frame 6 rails for improved slide to frame fit.

IMG_9312 IMG_9313


Here you can see the SI frame rail on the left and a factory Glock frame on the right. No information at the moment on cost or release date for this.



Next up is the SI XR. It is a new AR Upper they will be selling as a kit. It is a monolithic upper that is piston driven. You just need to provide your own barrel and bolt face. It has a forward folding non reciprocating charging handle that can be swapped over to the right side of the rail. Estimated MSRP is $700. ETA is late 2015.

IMG_9315 IMG_9316



Top rail has builtin micro BUIS.IMG_9318

Nicholas C

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  • echelon

    The upper kind of reminds me of a Faxon.

    Not sure what to think about the Glock thing…none of my Glocks have any issues so how is this a solution to a problem? I’m asking seriously here…I just don’t understand why this would be needed or wanted.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Their explanation was for people complaint about how loose the slide to frame fit is. I get loads of people tell me a custom 1911 frame to slide fit is solid. The issue I have with that is the sights are on the slide. So I am more concerned with the slide to barrel fit. Who cares what my frame and grip does? I’m not shooting precision. Just action matches and shooting steel.

      • echelon

        On the downside sometimes those custom 1911s can be finicky. Any dirt/debris over time and they start having issues.

        I think my Glocks are fine the way they are. I’ve never had one not go bang when I pull the trigger and the bullet generally goes where I want it to when I do my part.

    • My worry is that the forward edges of the Glock’s factory locking block already smack the slide. Look at just about any Glock slide with a decent round count and you’ll see peening on each side.

    • ClintTorres

      Apparently, it posesses a “tighter blide”.

    • Garrett

      A huge contributing factor is the fact that so many shooters are going with the after market slides which aren’t always a great fit. The new SI Glock Block provides a solution to fix just that. The block will actually come over sized to allow for custom fitting to your slide. Slide wear is another issue after so many rounds this will take the play out of your worn slide making it feel better than new.

      • echelon

        I’m still ‘meh’ about it. A fighting pistol is for just that: fighting. It just needs to be “minute of bad guy” at oh so many feet to be effective.

        In a fight it’s more important for the pistol to actually go bang than anything else.

        I personally would have to put the gun through it’s paces after installing this to ensure that the gun will still run, even when dirty, etc as typically the more loose tolerances help with reliability…something that Glocks are known for.

        They’re not really known for their legendary accuracy so it’s just not an answer to a question I, as a Glock owner, have.

        If my slide is really that worn I’ll just get another factory slide…or heck, Glocks are cheap, I’ll just get another whole gun.

        But hey, if someone is moved by this and they want to go for it, fantastic.

  • Joe

    Hmmm…. looks like the Faxon ARAK and Serbu SU-15 have some competition.

    • Joshua

      Not with having to provide your own barrel and bolt face.

      • AK™

        What if you dropped some nice coin on a good nitride barrel and want to keep using it because it prints just a little better than a standard barrel?

        Ive got a shop built AR-15,the most expensive part was the barrel because 1.ARs were in high demand. 2.Nitride barrels were the hottest thing that year.
        I paid more than I would have if I had just said “standard 16″ phosphated barrel”

        • Joshua

          Tough to say. Gas port size is a key factor in reliability of any auto loading rifle.

          Every gun is designed with a certain gas port size in mind. If the gas port does not match what they feel it should you will probably have to pay extra for the machine work, not to mention nitriding is very expensive to machine through.

  • Gabriel

    Yeah.. that’s kinda interesting… WHAT is that stock??

    • Nicholas Chen

      It is a strike industries stock.

  • SentMKG

    Man that rifle looks quite similar to the Faxon ARAK. Almost too similar to me to be honest.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    I think the upper looks a lot like the Faxon ARAK too except not as ugly. The ARAK honestly looks ugly/cheesy, especially in those ugly colors and with the ugly crest logo on the side.