Shot Show 2015: Strike Industries

    Strike Industries has two very interesting products coming out this year.

    First up is their drop in rail for Glock frames. It adds 2 more slide rails giving the Glock frame 6 rails for improved slide to frame fit.

    IMG_9312 IMG_9313


    Here you can see the SI frame rail on the left and a factory Glock frame on the right. No information at the moment on cost or release date for this.



    Next up is the SI XR. It is a new AR Upper they will be selling as a kit. It is a monolithic upper that is piston driven. You just need to provide your own barrel and bolt face. It has a forward folding non reciprocating charging handle that can be swapped over to the right side of the rail. Estimated MSRP is $700. ETA is late 2015.

    IMG_9315 IMG_9316



    Top rail has builtin micro BUIS.IMG_9318

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