Holosun Red Dots

Holosun has a small red dot that is very similar in style and size to the Aimpoint T1 but at a fraction of the cost.

The HS403C is a 2MOA LED red dot. It is parallax free and has a run time of 50,000 hours. On top of that the HS403C has a built in solar panel for dual power options. The solar panel will run the optic and auto dim the red dot due to ambient light. At a 20 lumen threshold you need to turn the red dot on manually.  The battery has been repositioned under the optic. There is a side door to access the battery. The Holosun does not use a large brightness knob on the side of the optic. The Holosun has a + and – buttons that are flush with the optic housing. With out a battery/power knob there is no longer a battery case to obsure your vision. The reticle can be changed from a red dot to an Eotech style circle reticle. Just like the T2, the HS403C is NV compatible. They make some of these T1 mount compatible and they come with a low and high mount.

The HS403C retails for $249.99

Edit: The HS503C is the one with dual reticle. The HS403C is dual power but only a single dot.

IMG_9375 IMG_9376    IMG_9380



They also make a MRDS with a solar panel. Retails is about $235. It has similar features to the HS403C such as solar panel and a side removable battery. It does not have a dual reticle like the HS403C.

IMG_9390 IMG_9391


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  • andrey kireev

    Really interested in those, They are one of the OEM companies for Primary Arms. Someone should make some durability / torture testing videos for those (I think solar panel is cool, but it can be a weak point in the design)

    • FTA

      I’ve had the original model for several months. It’s held up great to all my abuse, including some time on my 12 gauge. I obviously don’t trust it as much as my T1 but at the price point it can’t be beat. A couple of my shooting buddies ended up buying them after my experience.

  • mig1nc

    That’s pretty cool. Did they say what the battery life on the MRD is?

  • RCA_Cajun

    The main image for this article is mirrored. The attached picture is the correct representation.

    • asdf

      Why on earth would they put the adjustment buttons on the left side?

  • sianmink

    With a high battery-life RDS like this what I really want is an option for auto-on. Pretty sure one of Holosun’s clients for this design does that but I can’t remember who. (It isn’t PA) Still the solar panel is pretty neat.

    • Wademus

      The holosun sight all have “auto awake”. On an AR chambering a round activate te dot, as does a good aggressive shouldering of any gun.

      • sianmink

        Thanks, Good to know!

      • Nicholas Chen

        Yep but not the ones with the solar panel.

  • hami

    Did they mention if the MRDS is tough enough to mount to handgun slides?

    • Nicholas Chen

      yes it is.

  • Christina Leah

    i recently returned 2 MD-ADs’ purchased from Primary Arms made by Holosun. I bear Primary Arms no ill will and have done business since with Primary Arms. Both returns involved well known problems the windage and elevation controls not working at all. The first one would only turn on and off with a single brightness. Bought an
    Aimpoint PRO from Primary Arms and never looked back.

  • Nicholas Chen

    That is their Tridot HS509C reticle. It has dual power and dual reticles. It also has two lasers that project out the front. The left laser is infrared and the right is visible (green or red). The back of the unit has an indicator light when the IR laser is turned on. There is also a magnetic port to attach a pigtail switch.