Leupold LCO and D-EVO – SHOT Show Optic Preview

Leupold release the LCO and D-EVO just before SHOT.  The combination is very different than anything else on the market as the two optics are setup in a side-by-side configuration with one off-set to the right side. I call that in the Gangsta-style layout.



In the front is the LCO (Leupold Carbine Optic) non-magnified red-dot sight. Behind it is the D-EVO with its right side off-set objective. The D-EVO is basically a prism sight with a 6x fixed magnification in the same category as the Trijicon ACOG and ELCAN sights.



The combo took up the whole top rail on this Noveske AR-15. The magnified D-EVO will actually work in conjunction with red-dot or reflex sight as long as it’s tall enough for the dot to be see above the D-EVO’s housing. The LCO red-dot sight is nothing special other than is homely looking and being twice as expensive as top-end Aimpoint and EOTech.



The sight picture that Leupold spend 3 years to develop. It allows to weapon operator to see both the non-magnified view of the red-dot and the 6x view of the D-EVO at the same time. I would say this really need a lot of training to get use. Unlike the LCO red-dot, the D-EVO has restriction of eye relief and I found it’s very sensitive to head position.

The D-EVO’s etched reticle looks similar to the one found on the Mk6 and Mk8 but it’s not illuminated. Noted that the BDCs are gradually off-set to the right? That’s because of the D-EVO’s reticle not only has to deal with ballistic trajectory but also the optic being off-set to the right side of the weapon.



The top view of the combo. I can’t say it’s going to be user friend to left-hander as that the D-EVO’s optic housing would block much peripheral vision on the other eye. The D-EVO by itself is retail for $1875. The LCO has a MSRP of $1249.


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  • FWIW

    Why bother selling them separately when the only way either of these optics make a lick of sense is when used in conjunction?

    • nobody

      Because it makes sense to use only a red dot sight in many situations, and the D-EVO could be used with another company’s red dot sight.

    • sianmink

      I’m guessing the D-EVO would work fine behind about any riser-mounted RDS or holo.

      • RealitiCzech

        Yeah, another article mentioned that the Aimpoint Micro worked well there. Not sure about the EOTech, it might be too wide to fit.

      • That’s very true it will—

  • RealitiCzech

    Not illuminated? An $1800 fixed-power scope doesn’t bother to have any illumination?

    • Joshua

      An $1800 optic that is only capable of working during the day….genious I say.

      • RealitiCzech

        I admire the thought behind it, and all the work that was involved… but this is a pretty basic feature for ‘tactical’ scopes.
        I guess they figure that the red dot will do the job well enough when it gets too dark for the scope.

        • Joshua

          I think the issue is that there are times when you need more than what a red dot offers, even at night.

          This is why illumination is a requirement in all Military optics.

          This will be fine for nice sunny days at the range, but beyond that this will have little success.

      • guest

        Despite that still this is a pretty good concept. Bulky, but original none the less. I’d say give Leupold more time to develop this.

  • roguetechie

    The guys at rosoptical are laughing so hard at this. (personally I’m pissed I didn’t manage to buy one while they were available here in the US)

    THEIR line of EE sights do this all in a package about the size of a spectre DR (And you can equip an entire marine squad with one plus buy the first round of pitchers that night for the price of a single DR)

    Their version comes in 1x/3.5x 3x/9x and one that’s got two high magnification settings right in the range you’d want to play hathcock with a pkm on a tripod!

    • nobody

      But they also have parallax at 1x, this doesn’t.

      • roguetechie

        I guess everyone has to make their own decisions on what’s important and works for them

    • spotr

      Here it is! Rus Optical System uses the “bi-focal” method to get 2 magnification images in the same view .
      It is a more traditional hunting scope package.

    • So you’re comparing the D-EVO against something that’s not available in the U.S.? Hmmm……

      • roguetechie

        They’ve been sold here and I have no doubt that they’ll be available again… Oh and you’ll most likely be able to get about 2.5-4 of the 2 lower magnification models for a thousand dollars… Meaning you can equip 1 guy with this sight above oooorrr a whole squad with the Russian options

  • Guest

    So Leupold spent 3 years designing a sight system that the user could see both a 6x magnified view while still being able to employ the red dot sight…wouldn’t it have made more sense to make something along the lines of the HAMR and just make the top of the magnified portion flat like on the D-EVO? Not taking away from their incredible concept and craftsmanship, but wasn’t there a simpler way to do this rather than design a 6x sight that is offset from the bore to see “around” the base of the red dot?

  • MR

    You got to Whip It! Into Shape! Surprised that’s not already been posted, unless you’re just ignoring them. Maybe other people are more mature than I thought…Naw!

  • uisconfruzed

    I think I’d rather stick with my Aimpoint Micro and the slap away magnifier for A LOT LESS $.

  • Mister Thomas

    It is really amazing to see innovation such as this.

  • Mike N.

    I’m a little unclear on what kind of scenario this setup would be useful.

  • lucusloc

    I love the concept and the craftsmanship, now I want them to develop features and bring the price down. . .

  • I had a chance to work with this unit at SHOT Show as well. Very, very cool.

  • DaveGinOly

    Why didn’t they run the optic tube straight under the red dot sight, and put the red dot’s electronics off to the side? Seems overly-complex to me.