Leupold LCO and D-EVO – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    Leupold release the LCO and D-EVO just before SHOT.  The combination is very different than anything else on the market as the two optics are setup in a side-by-side configuration with one off-set to the right side. I call that in the Gangsta-style layout.



    In the front is the LCO (Leupold Carbine Optic) non-magnified red-dot sight. Behind it is the D-EVO with its right side off-set objective. The D-EVO is basically a prism sight with a 6x fixed magnification in the same category as the Trijicon ACOG and ELCAN sights.



    The combo took up the whole top rail on this Noveske AR-15. The magnified D-EVO will actually work in conjunction with red-dot or reflex sight as long as it’s tall enough for the dot to be see above the D-EVO’s housing. The LCO red-dot sight is nothing special other than is homely looking and being twice as expensive as top-end Aimpoint and EOTech.



    The sight picture that Leupold spend 3 years to develop. It allows to weapon operator to see both the non-magnified view of the red-dot and the 6x view of the D-EVO at the same time. I would say this really need a lot of training to get use. Unlike the LCO red-dot, the D-EVO has restriction of eye relief and I found it’s very sensitive to head position.

    The D-EVO’s etched reticle looks similar to the one found on the Mk6 and Mk8 but it’s not illuminated. Noted that the BDCs are gradually off-set to the right? That’s because of the D-EVO’s reticle not only has to deal with ballistic trajectory but also the optic being off-set to the right side of the weapon.



    The top view of the combo. I can’t say it’s going to be user friend to left-hander as that the D-EVO’s optic housing would block much peripheral vision on the other eye. The D-EVO by itself is retail for $1875. The LCO has a MSRP of $1249.


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