UTAS UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun

UTAS made their UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun available at 2015 Industry Day at the Range and made the experience complete by putting their new suppressor on it. I had the opportunity to shoot clay targets with the UTS-15 and was pleased with the shotgun’s overall performance. At 6.9 pounds empty, it has some heft, and it’s a pleasure to shoot. It fit naturally to my shoulder and its pointability made shattering clays simple. Although it obviously wasn’t designed as a field shotgun it performed well, meaning it has a nice streak of versatility in it. MSRP is $995 and this shotgun has definitely made my wish list.




* Pump-action 12-gauge shotgun chambered for 2 ½”, 2 ¾” & 3” magnum ammunition.
* Dual 7-round magazines with automatic alternating or selectable feed, snap open loading
  ports and cartridge counter magazine followers
* Integrated top mounted picatinny rail for iron sights or optics.
* Windage adjustable rear sight with flip up large aperture peep or big game V.
* Elevation adjustable front sight.
* Technical polymer receiver with integrated spring loaded shell feeding device and quick
   removable fire control housing containing the hammer, sear and disconnector.
* Spring assisted pin ejector.
* Fiber reinforced flip up stock / shell funnel.
* Fiber reinforced butt plate with 1”, 8 durometer (A scale) energy absorbing recoil pad.
* 4140 steel bolt body, precision machined and heat treated 4140 steel rotary bolt heat with
   three locking lugs.
* Precision machined and heat treated 4140 barrel extension with three locking lug mortises.*
* Precision machined 4140 steel barrel with muzzle threaded to accept Beretta style chokes.
* Precision machined 4140 steel flash suppressor with strike bezel and full length knurling.*
* Internally mounted point-and-shoot high intensity lens focused LED spotlight and full
  adjustable laser sight, push button operated.*
* Forward, rear and mid-point quick detachable sling swivel mointing points. Mil Spec quick
  detachable swivels.*
* Matte black non-glare textured finish on all polymer parts.
* Matte black chrome or black oxide on all steel parts.
* Matte black non-glare anodizing on all aluminum parts.
* Overall length 28.3”.
* Weight 6.9 lbs.
* No tools required field stripping in 45 seconds
Visit UTAS’ website at: http://www.utas-usa.com/en

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  • Alderman

    I too hope to someday possess the design skills to develop a perforated rectangular box.

    • Ethan

      *Tactical* perforated rectangular box. Get it right.

  • andrey kireev

    Did they fix all the durability issues they had with first models yet ?

    • Rabies

      it is my understanding that they fixed those issues pretty quickly, but the damage may already be done.

    • Greg Thompson

      The problems were with the gen 1’s. There have since been gen 2 and 3 and the one pictured may be gen 4 by now, I don’t know.

    • Scott

      Durability? How about it actually functioning?

  • gunslinger

    that thing looks beastly.

  • echelon

    I’m not budging until a new batch of videos come out that show the thing actually working properly…

    • TexianPatriot

      True that. I had one out of the first batch. Jammed, failed to extract, failed to eject, and failed to impress. Traded off and is no longer my head ache.

  • sianmink

    I’ve found the glacial lock time of ‘tactical’ shotguns to make clay target shooting with them fairly ridiculous. That may just be because I’m used to Italian singles and O/U’s though.
    Also it seems like a monster compared to my bullpup’d Saiga12.

  • Rokurota

    VIDEO, please!

  • HSR47

    Having handled a few of the UTAS shotguns, I’m thoroughly unimpressed: those I have handled have universally felt like they were made as cheaply as possible at the expense of durability and functionality.

  • ColaBox

    Does the suppressor only work occasionally as well? Fix the problems or start from scratch. Though I do greatly enjoy the fail videos. Nutnfancy’s unedited testing had me crying.

  • Don Ward

    Want a practical tactical shotgun? Get an Ithaca Model 37.

  • ghost

    To me a “tactical” shotgun is a simple, uncomplicated, devoid of bells and whistles, firearm. This ain’t it.