“Unique” Shotgun Rounds vs. Giant Gummy Bear

Taofledermaus, whose YouTube channel can only be described as equal parts entertaining, baffling, and sometimes scientifically relevant, has done it again with a New Year’s Day post you may not believe. In fact, aside from giving the standard “kids, don’t try this at home” warning due to the type of…let’s call them “unique” rounds used, because they aren’t handloads by the traditional meaning…I’m simply going to let you take a look. Five shotgun hulls filled with rather unusual contents, aimed at a giant gummy bear. Enough said.

Okay, not quite enough. Before this appears in the comments (“Katie, what does ‘taofledermaus’ even mean…”): we all know what “tao” means, right, so I won’t get into a yin and yang explanation. As for “fledermaus” it’s German for “bat.” Make of this name what you will.

(One more thing: I’m really looking forward to the comments, so don’t disappoint! So many possibilities.)


Disclaimer: Posting of this video does not encourage or endorse creating “random object” rounds and/or firing them through your gun. Such loads could cause both damage to your firearm and to yourself due to their unpredictability. I am not suggesting by any means that readers attempt to reproduce this; in fact, I’d encourage you not to.

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  • gunslinger

    bubble gum? silly putty? batteries? wow

    • Katie A

      Not things I’d ever feed to my guns, that’s for sure.

  • Mr. FN

    New Vegas coin shot. Worth those grubby Legion coins i usually sold.

    • Thanks for reminding me I need to start trying out coin shot!

  • Don Ward

    Meh. When you’ve fired silicon caulk tubes through windshields with a potato gun, this sort of stuff seems stale.

    • tazman66gt

      Video or it never happened, lol

    • Katie A

      Potato guns aren’t shotguns…although they are fun, I’ve made more than one myself. Nothing like filling a shopping cart at Lowe’s and having the checker eye you suspiciously during checkout.

      • Don Ward

        Yeah. But when it comes to doing stupid stuff with your buddies, I maintain that more fun can be had in general with a potato gun than a shotgun. Unless propane tanks and flares are involved…

  • Phil Hsueh

    That 10 dime round sure gives new meaning to buck shot.

    • Katie A

      Where are the drums when you need them. Guess I’ll have to do it myself…ba dum bump…

    • Giolli Joker

      He says that in Part 2. 🙂