Viridian Green Laser Sights for Glock 26 and 27

Viridian, which is a subsidiary of the privately-held Laser Aiming Systems Corporation, is considered a leader in the industry when it comes to advances in laser sights. A couple months ago they came out with green laser sights for the Glock 42, and now they’ve done something for larger- caliber Glock lovers: green laser sights for the Glock 26 and 27. Right now that makes the Viridian green laser sights the only ones out there for these models.

The company has a reputation for advances in laser sight technology, and these new offerings build that reputation up a bit more. The Reactor 5 (R5) features the Viridian Green 52 nm laser, which is impressively bright, testing at levels up to 50 times brighter than standard red laser sights. And not only is it bright (and green) it’s apparently capable of reaching out and touching targets at long distances – exactly how far has not been divulged, but Viridian says it’s a distance “no red laser can touch.”

This new offering not only fits the Gen 3 and 4 Glock 26 and 27 but also works with the Glock 19, 23, 32, 33, 36, 38, and 39. Features include the ECR (Enhanced Combat Ready) Instant-On activation system which works as follows: the user pre-sets the mode and inserts their firearm into their TacLoc holster, which leaves the sights at ready status. Then, when the user draws their firearm, the sights immediately turn on. To conserve batteries as well as maintain concealment the sights remain off while the gun is holstered. Also included is a two-color battery level indicator and ECR-enabled hybrid holster.

Green laser sights have an edge over red thanks to their better visibility in a variety of conditions. The difference is most obvious during the daylight but green is easier to see at night, too.

MSRP is currently set at $239.00.

Coming soon: ECR Instant-On holster models from Galco, DeSantis, and Crossbreed.

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  • Nate

    Now if Crimson Trace will just get on making the Lightguard for the 26. Seriously what has taken them so long?

    • Jim

      Jim here from Xfighterdefense. Nate, why do you like the Crimson Trace over the Viridian?

  • BattleshipGrey

    Looks like a well thought-out product. It’s not quite clear if the user can turn off the laser easily if they need to conceal themselves, but I would hope so. My main gripe against such devices is that they look like add-ons. When it comes to lights and lasers that attach to the trigger guard, it would be more pleasing to the eye if from there they blended into look of the gun they attach to, so that the device and gun complement each other.

    • Jim

      Jim here from Xfighterdefense. All these lasers work best if turned on and put back in the holster to turn them off. This feature allows you turn the laser on the fastest. Turning the laser off using the button on the left hand side can be a little difficult in a concealment scenario. If you have the laser in constant mode it will take two pushes of the activation button on the left hand side of the laser to turn off. If you have it in pulsing mode one touch of the button will turn it off. This button is the large button in the photo above the battery indicator light. In any case you will probable have to take the weapon down from aiming to do this operation. This is my experience with my LCP Reactor Five.