New Charter Arms Pink Lady

Pink Lady

Charter Arms is offering a new version of the Pink Lady revolver with a 4.2″ barrel. The gun is a five-shot revolver chambered in .38 Special and is +P rated.

Currently, Charter Arms offers a Pink Lady as part of its Undercover Lite line, but that gun is fitted with a 2″ barrel. Other than the longer barrel, the two handguns are very similar. The new gun weighs in at only 13 ounces – only one ounce heavier than its shorter sister.

Pink Lady

These guns have a pink frame with a stainless finish on the cylinder, barrel and other metal parts.

Grips are a full-size hard rubber. The sights are fixed with a ramp front and notch rear. The guns do have an exposed hammer for single action shots.

Richard Johnson

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  • Don Ward

    I’m not sure what’s the worst feature. It being pink? It being Charter Arms? Or the manufacturer bragging about it only being 13 ounces? Come on, guys! Having enough weight to reduce recoil is a good thing in a handgun. At least they left the hammer on.

  • Brad

    I’d rather shoot a Charter Arms than a Taurus any day of the week.

    • CrankyFool

      I’ve got about a 16 year old Taurus 608 (8-shot 357 magnum) revolver, and I’ve had zero problems with it — quite the delight to shoot. What do you have against Taurus (at least, in the revolver family)?

      • Brad

        The problem with Taurus is that if they copied the design, generally they work decently. If it’s there own design, they suck. They come with a lifetime warranty…the problem is you have to use it. I’ve been gunsmithing for 8-9 years and have had so to send tons of them back. I’ve been lied to when calling to check on guns, have guns returned that weren’t even touched and are still broken. I’ve had to send one Charter arms back and they were great to deal with. Glad to hear your gun works well, but I’ll never own one.