Cheese sent us this photo of a Christmas ornament made for him by the neighbor hood kids. The rifle is a little ambiguous, but I am going to say its an AK 😉

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  • Ha! I know the gentleman to whom this belongs. Shooting buddy of mine whom some of you may have seen in some of my reviews (like the MAS 49/56 or the CMMG Mutant). The kids next door are always in awe when he loads/unloads his rifles. I believe he may be passively influencing the next generation of shooters!

  • Gabriel

    Isn’t that racist?

  • J.K.

    It _is_ racist. Individuals are obviously free to be racist, but the journalistic integrity of this blog just took a big hit with me. And I’m unsettled by the reader comments not calling it out or are actually defending it.

    • Taylor TX

      Its a holiday christmas cookie of a North Korean soldier to celebrate the release of The Interview, or at least that was my first guess. I prefer the un politically correct version of cookies myself.

      • Grindstone50k

        Do you enjoy blackface cookies, too?

        • Cheese_McQueen

          I enjoy all cookies. Damn you are an uptight dimwit.

        • Taylor TX

          The difference between something as overtly intentionally offensive as a blackface cookie and not catering to the legions of the perpetually butthurt PC crowd should be apparent enough. As said above, this is a 6 yo’s cookie, I would give him the benefit of the doubt that there is no underlying message about his cookie.

      • Can Dear Leader save us from any other craptacular Hollywood movies?

    • Tassiebush

      I think it’s pretty innocent really and I think the fact it’s a gift is nice and more relevant than any other consideration. A kid made it and it’s posted because of the attention to detail in the gun IMO. Also, is it possible to make a cookie of a Chinese or North Korean soldier in that form/scale which doesn’t depict simplified exaggerated racial features? Should American children really be forbidden from making such things? Please note I’m a Tasmanian so I don’t come from an American context of racial/ethnic relations. Not that that stops me from poking my nose into American issues though Lol!

      • J.K.

        This is not innocent. This ornament was seen and approved for gifting by his/her parents, so the parents are just as racist as the kid. I’ve seen kids as young as 3-4 pulling their eyes in bigoted mockery and the parents standing there doing nothing.

        If a photo was submitted with an obvious black-face character with an someone accurate rendition of a rifle, would this blog post it?

        And, yes, with the infinite ways of depicting characters, there are ways to simplify racial indicators at smaller scale.

        Again, racist kids, the parents that raise them, and the racist commentaries defending this post can be as racist as they want. I am pointing out The Firearm Blog’s decision to post this racist photo are completely oblivious to the obvious racism and have lost their journalistic integrity.

        I’d love to hear Steven Cheng, one of TFB’s contributor’s feedback on this.

        • Tassiebush

          Poor old Steven Mightn’t want to be dragged into this. I work in a female dominated sector and I never feel more like the token male than when people single me out in a group and ask my opinion in a context of a gender related argument. Whether you’re right or I am, I think it’s a tad insensitive to call him up to express an opinion.
          Anyhow I’m going to cut and run from this conversation because you clearly feel passionately about this and I’m hoping to avoid being lumped into the racist category by you. It’s clearly a term you use quite freely. I’ve clearly said too much already.

        • Geoffrey McArthur

          JK: Your second last paragraph used the word racism, or a derivation of, 5 times.

          Semantically speaking this is a very interesting ploy, however you may not be aware that the attempt to create emphasis via repetition, sadly compromises the actual content of the post.

          Also your suggestion that there are ways to “simplify racial indicators at a smaller scale” does smack of a whimsical and arbitrary standard.

          So… if the ethnic features are small enough to comply within the guidelines of the (conveniently unwritten) morally anointed, then it’s ok? That’s your implication.

        • You can see my view of this in another comment. I don’t see this as racist in any way. I do see some reactions to it as going a bit overboard.

          • J.K.

            Thanks for replying, Phil.

            I do feel passionate about this issue, because racism against east asians go unrecognized and even widely accepted when perpetuated in the media. I can get you a long list offline from the comments, if you’re curious.

            TFB is one of the handful of blogs I thoroughly enjoy reading and to see something like this being posted here, let alone reading that you do not see this as racist, truly disappoints me.

            I’d love to know how I can help you to see that pupil-less, two slanted lines for eyes to depict asians is racist. Eyes so narrow and slanted that you can blindfold them with dental floss. That this ornament is two bucktooth away from fitting right in with US propaganda against the Japs during WWII.

          • I understand your passion on the subject I really do and share that passion. If children hadn’t done this and some adult had I would probably look at it in a different light.
            As I mentioned with all the media coverage on North Korea even the kids have seen plenty in the last weeks. My guess and that’s all it is, is the kids found some depiction on the Internet and went by that. Who knows. I just tend to look at it as the work of innocent children who meant nothing by it. I would hope I’m correct in that.
            Believe me as the person who moderates the comments both posted and those blocked by Disqus I’ve read some disgusting comments directed at Asians, African Americans,Jews you name it. Of course you’ll never see those because I delete them and ban the user. There’s no second chance when it comes to racism.
            I hope you believe me when I say I would get rid of it at once if I viewed it in the same vein as the comments I’ve mentioned.

          • Grindstone50k

            Irony: White men declaring a racial caricature as “not racist”.

          • Dan

            Shut up already, tell you what submit, a drawing of what the soldier should look like then we will have the child do it over. And the fact that you assume white men cannot see racism or lack there of further tells me just how far out in left field you really are.

          • Tassiebush

            J.K. your comments on racism against east asians being unrecognized and it being common and unchallenged in the media provided food for thought and I think you’ve made a good point. I can’t think of the last time i saw an asian character who wasn’t just a cliche and asian females are pretty much objectified as fetish objects rather than people. it would truly suck to be portrayed that way.

      • Grindstone50k

        It’s innocent, sure, probably because the kid learned it from someone else. Parent, relative, friends, media, whichever, someone failed along the way. But posting it on TFB? That’s a big fail for sure.

    • Condemning a six year old for being racist doesn’t really add up for me. I just don’t see the intent.

    • Dan

      This country has gone to hell if we are calling this ornament racist.

  • Grindstone50k

    Sure it’s a free country, and we’re free to call out racism too. But keep hiding behind your “freedom” as a cover for your bigotry.

  • Forest C. Adcock

    Did nobody tell that child that hamas doesn’t celebrate Christmas?

  • I’m probably as picky as anyone as far as condemnation of racism. In fact it’s one of two things that will get you banned first time everytime. In this case I don’t see where it’s racist or I would have taken it down. You really have to read a lot into to make it racist. The news has had a lot of coverage lately showing North Korean soldiers marching around. Possibly the kids got it from the news coverage.

  • North Korea is best Korea. The little man above is squinting because Dear Leader’s perfect smile is too bright. Stop being SJW losers. Also, totally ignore that Kim Jong-Un saved us from a Seth Rogen movie.

  • Cheese_McQueen

    You guys need to calm down, the kid is 6.

    (I was going to post the black kid saying “that’s racist” but this one popped up in my google search and seemed more fitting.)