ICENG TOUCH (Tikka Optimised Ultralight Carbon Hunter) Stock

A longtime reader from Australia emailed us photos of a new stock that will be manufactured by his company, ICENG. They specializes in making custom guns and this will be their first (of many) manufactured products. The TOUCH stock is an ultra light stock made from carbon fiber. The first version they sell will be for the Sako (Beretta) Tikka T3 rifles that are popular in Australia, and not nearly as popular as they should be in the USA.

The prototype stocks have been made as light as 458 grams (16.1 ounces), as you can see in the photo below, but they expect the final production version to weigh between 470 and 520 grams (16.48 ounces – 18.4 ounces).


This is very, very light. For comparison, a Manners MCS-SL (super light) stock weighs about 50% more at 27 ounces. The ICENG TOUCH stock, I am told, is designed to last a long time, it is not a one season stock.

It will be made in Australia and at this time will only be exported to the United States and to New Zealand.  It will be priced at $660 AUD (including sales tax) for a blank stock which works out to be $538 USD at todays exchange rate. Purchasers can pay extra to have the stock’s inlet customized or a recoil pad and/or rail added.

The company is taking pre-orders for the stock now. They expect the first deliveries will go out at the end of January. You can get in touch with them on their website or at

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  • I really want to wrote a post entitled “The Tikka T3 Guide: Why you need it and upgrades available for it”.

  • Aar0nC

    Will it work with the 30-06 version?

    • I am pretty sure the T3 is only made in a long action … ask ICENG they would know. I shoot it in 7mm-08.

  • Whats ugly about it? Its carbon fiber … looks like every other thing made out of carbon fibers. You could paint it if you did not like the black weave.

    • Giolli Joker

      Personally I’d love the grip part to have a bit more straight edges, just from a purely aesthetic point of view… however it looks like a nice product with a fair price, considering the material employed.
      Now stick a Proof (or similar) barrel on it.

  • garyolson

    I’d like to know where the 10(?) round mag for the T3 was purchased.

    • Acually, so would I. I know there are a two or three companies in Australia who make them (cant remember the names, just remember people telling me about them in the past)

      • Brad

        Atlasworxs, Lumley arms and Cdi.

        CDI make a long action as well, but the feed ramp on the tikka hangs over the magazine by about a centimeter. So you either need to run the COAL short or get the feed ramp milled for the longer COAL