Armaspec Tactical Combat Button

Armaspec TCB

The Tactical Combat Button – or TCB – from Armaspec is a larger magazine release button for your AR-style rifle. How much larger? Precisely 263% larger.

According to Armaspec, the “TCB is designed to improve the functionality and ergonomics of the factory button.” Essentially, the TCB “enables button engagement” without having to adjust your grip on the gun.

The company states the TCB is compatible with 5.56 and 7.62 receivers. They are made of 7075 T6 aluminum and come in black, FDE and OD. The MSRP is $30.

Armaspec magwell

Armaspec also makes the Rhino R-23 Tactical Magwell Grip and Funnel for the AR-15. According to the company, the “ultra-litght, super strong mil-spec reinforced polymer” parts mount on the magazine well of the gun.

In addition to enabling “low light/no light magazine changes,” the company states they reduce magazine change times an average of 48%. It is not known if those speed reductions were in combination with the TCB.

The Rhino-23 Tactical Magwell Grip and Funnel carries a MSRP of $30. It is available in black, FDE and OD.

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  • Zachary marrs

    > people get tired of accidently dropping mags

    > people put ‘fences’ around button to prevent people from accidentally dropping mags

    > people make button larger to negate the fences

    > people who make the button larger create horrendous monstrosity of an ar pistol

    > earths gravity changes due to Eugene Stoner rolling in his grave at mach 5

    > we all die

    • iksnilol

      It’s hilarious. Luckily we AK guys don’t have these problems.

    • Roger V. Tranfaglia

      Nah….some people just deal w/ it…..

  • Kyle_D

    Is that light clamped to the flutes of the barrel?? That doesn’t seem kosher to me.

    • Zachary marrs

      Looks like it.

      “Reducing magazine change time an average of 48%” bullsh*t

    • Flutes are just the next dynamic evolution in MLOK and Key-mod guy! Remove that extra handguard weight for the slimmest, purest feel.

    • Zachary marrs

      The more i look at it, i wanna say its an airsoft gun

      • Giolli Joker

        Yep, actually with such a short barrel Olympic needed a pig-tail gas tube…

  • echelon

    That has to be, quite possibly, the most horrific frankengun I’ve ever seen. And don’t get me wrong, I’m always the first to say function over form – especially when it comes to firearms – but dang that thing is fugly.

  • Paladin

    Never have I ever looked at the mag release button on an AR and thought “You know, this thing is just too dang small, it’s impossible to use”.

    I have average sized hands, and I don’t have to shift my grip in the slightest to engage the magazine release, nor have I ever struggled to find it.

    This is just one more solution desperately in search of a problem.

    • Zachary marrs

      If your hands are so small, that this is necessary, you’d be better off with a different grip

    • JumpIf NotZero

      This. All those (never) times I just wasn’t able to drop the mag from my carbine!

    • Grindstone50k

      My wife has tiny, tiny hands so anything that extends the mag release to be closer to her finger is great in my opinion.

  • schizuki

    “Tactical” AND “Combat”?!? My God, my speed will be measured in Mach units and my co-efficient of drag to the fourth decimal!

  • Phillip Cooper

    I HAVE short fingers. I DON’T have to shift my grip.

    Solution desperately in search for a problem… I mean, manufacturer desperately in search of your wallet….

    • iksnilol

      HA! I solved that a long time ago. Simply put I don’t carry a wallet. Phone case with ID, yeah, but a wallet with money and stuff? nah.

  • wetcorps

    The more jokes we make about compagnies relying on buzzwords to sell gimmicks, the more they try to outmatch our jokes by creating even more ridiculous gimmicks. This is really an arm race.

    • Zachary marrs

      Bring it

      • Grindstone50k

        I’m bringing popcorn.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      arms race to the bottom.

      • Grindstone50k

        Mr. NotZero, I just wanted to note that my mouse hovered over your profile and I saw that you had 1,911 comments as of this time.

        Bravo, sir. Bravo.

  • I would think it’d be too big and then I would be hitting it all the time. Don’t think it’s for me so much but for other people maybe? More like a cosmetic accessory.

  • I would think that it’d be so big I’d be hitting it all the time! Not so much for me but maybe beneficial for others? More like a cosmetic accessory to me.

  • Agreed!

  • skusmc

    I just came here for the comments. I am not disappoint.

  • Dr. Daniel Jackson

    They really just need to make a mag release for the AR15 platform that doesn’t use your trigger finger to release the mag,if I have to reload in combat I want to keep my finger close to the trigger when I insert a fresh mag and when I drop an empty mag.

  • The Real Teal’c


    • Roger V. Tranfaglia


  • iksnilol

    We don’t. The mag release is perfect (and ambidextrous to boot). No silly magwell that makes drum and quad stack mags taller than they need to be.

    Seriously, I wasn’t being sarcastic.

    • GerladTheMagnificent

      As much as I love my AK I do miss a button mag release though. Having to strip one mag out with another takes longer than press button, insert new mag.

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    Could you state that more clearly??

  • Six

    Low light no light mag change… Who stares at their weapon during mag change? If you are that desperate for equipment replacing training then just replace the operator behind the weapon while you are at it.
    Simply put. Stop trying to buy your way out of training before you kill yourself or someone who you did not intend to.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    In all the years I served in the military, I never once had any ergonomic problems with the OEM magazine-release button on the standard-issue M-16 and M-4, nor did I ever witness anyone else having such issues. While I am sure that some users will find the Armaspec TCB to their liking, I think it may be one of those accessories that has gone a bit too far in its general concept.