Roy sent us photos of his new modernized Mosin Nagant 91/30 built with no permanent alterations to the original Mosin barreled action or other parts. He writes …

My newest (to me) rifle, and perhaps my new favorite, this is a customized Mosin Nagant 91/30. Out of respect, I opted not to make any permanent alterations to it.

On the gun are:
1. UTG low QD scope rings
2. Hi-Lux LER27x32 Long Eye Relief 2-7×32 scope
3. UTG scope mount
4. UTG bipod
5. Archangel stock and forend
6. Probably most important: Witt Machine compensator

I’d previously shot two rounds through a Mosin before deciding that it was a profoundly unpleasant experience. The Witt Machine compensator makes a HUGE difference — I fired about 50 rds without the slightest bit of discomfort when we took it out; a Russian acquaintance who’s a big fan of Mosins compared the recoil to that of his AK; perhaps the highest praise I can give it is that I brought someone brand new to shooting and let him try my Mosin and he found it perfectly pleasant.

(A quick plug for them as a company: They accidentally shipped me a second Mosin muzzle brake; when I called to figure out what to do about that, they were so appreciative they told me to keep it for my 2nd Mosin. Nice).



Definitely went the inexpensive route here, given all the UTG furniture and (relatively) inexpensive UTG scope — Heck, the compensator was almost as much as the rifle :). Total cost for the BOM, including all paperwork, was around $675 (with only $140 being the base cost of the rifle).

I’m not quite sure how accurately it can shoot — I’m getting 2MOA with it with standard spamcan surplus Russian ammo, but I get 2MOA with my heavy-barrel 308 Savage and match ammunition, so I suspect the 2MOA accuracy is mine, rather than the rifle’s and it could do better.

(And before people point this out: The cheek rest is on the lowest setting in this picture because I need to drop it down to remove the bolt; while shooting, it’s raised to get a nice cheek weld).

Thanks for the write up Roy!

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  • Zachary marrs
    • SP mclaughlin

      Basement Nagant is not proud of design either.

  • USMC03Vet

    Sorry but I couldn’t just stand by and watch abuse against a firearm like that.

    The authorities have been notified.

  • schizuki

    Mosins were made in the millions, and most of them in the US are arsenal reconditioned to the point they no longer have historical value. I’ll keep my Finn-captured 91/30 pristine, but I’ll have no qualms about modifying my buffed-out, black-painted, arsenal reconditioned examples if the mood strikes me. And I’ll post pictures just to make the Mosin purists burn through their supply of smelling salts and asthma inhalers.

    • USMC03Vet

      It’s the equiviliant of putting spinners on a model T.

      For shame.

      • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

        Umm spinners on a model t would be hilarious and awesome model t’s were also built on an assembly line in mass quantity the first time of any automobile so it only makes sense that was a car you hacked up and customized see all the modified rat rods as an example!

        • Nicks87

          Good point, I’ve seen some pretty sweet lookin T-bucket roadsters before, no spinners though lol.

          • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

            thank you

        • M.M.D.C.

          A beautiful hack job:

    • Zachary marrs

      So modify them so they now have no value whatsoever?

      Mosins are rising in price.

      Look at how much a 1903 Springfield 9r a German mauser costs, they were once as cheap as mosins

      • schizuki

        See how much money you can get for a 1903 that has been refinished with shellac and painted black.

        I could care less about the dollar value if it’s worth more to me modded. And if arsenal-painted Mosins ever reach that level of collectability, I’d wager it will be long after my grandkids are dust.

        Look, I’m not talking about original-condition Mosins. Those have real value. I’m talking about arsenal-reworked jobs. Those are original-condition Mosins that the Russians have REFINISHED, buffing off the original finish to the point that the corners of the flats on hex-receiver rifles are rounded (I know, I have one), and then given a black paintjob.

        In other words – they Bubba’d them.

        Arsenal-rework Mosins are pre-Bubba’d. The idea that further Bubba-ing them is a crime against nature is silly.

        • Zachary marrs

          Pre bubba’d?

          99% of American ww2 firearms have been through the arsenal.

          Bettah git your hack saw!

  • AUGrad06

    I’ve thought about doing the same here. I know quite a few guys who use them for deer hunting and they would love these modifications.

  • Adding a repro sniper scope and a bent bolt wouldn’t have cost much more and it would’ve looked infinitely better…

    • Spidouz

      Yeah, but you need to be well equipped to be able to mount by yourself a sniper scope. Or you need to have it done by a gunsmith.

      Nonetheless, some of us just like the whole “scout” concept. I have already 3 Mosins and one of them is currently in modification to be a “scout” model. And a forth one will come next to be a “sniper” model…

      • Cultivating a relationship with a gunsmith is the best firearm related investment you can make.

        • Spidouz

          To me, learning how to be independent, including for your firearms, is probably more important… To each his own 😉

        • Beju

          My father used to foster his relationship with his gunsmith with the help of my mother’s baked goods.

  • Scott Snoopy

    put that stock and scope on a type 53, its a pretty awesome scout rifle. That muzzle brake would be a great addition.

  • Blake

    Couple questions for you, Roy, if you’re listening:

    – does that rear-sight mounted scope rail hold zero against a Mosin’s stout recoil? (I guess with the muzzle brake the final result is less relevant).

    – Care to do a mini-writeup on using the LER scope and getting your eye lined up with it in a hurry?


  • Leo

    I believe on photo is chinise rifle with mosins parts, total junk as per my opinion. I would buy regular wooden mosin if I need it. Scope seem installed weirdly far ahead, does anyone shoot from this garbage?

  • Franciscomv

    Not my cup of tea, I like my rifles simple and boring. However, one of the beauties of this hobby is that each of us gets to enjoy it in his own way. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up your rifle however you want. It’s not like a unique historical gun was damaged and there’s nothing unsafe going on.

  • Ian McCollum

    Scopes like this one (and the ZF-41) are made with long eye relief to allow this style of mounting. It’s done to preserve the ability to use stripper clips.

  • McThag

    MSRP of this package less bipod: $660. MSRP of a Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP in .308: $612. While the magazine capacity is lower and the ammo more expensive, I get a MUCH better trigger and Nikon glass.

    This dichotomy always makes me wonder why bother doing this to a Mosin when it’s cost effective to just buy a new made gun.

    I’ve got four Mosins and if I was going to get a synthetic stocked scoped bolt gun, I’m going for the Savage rather than letting the mod bug bite.

    • gunslinger


  • thedonn007

    I agree. I just picked up a Savage Axis in .308 for about $250. I still need to get a scope for it though.

  • Ian McCollum

    The problem with the ZF41 was that it was originally intended as a DMR scope, and wound up being issued to full-on snipers, who found it woefully lacking in comparison to the traditional scopes they had trained on. A friend and I recently did some experimenting with a ZF41 (the video will be posting on Full30 in a couple weeks) and found it to be very effective within ts design parameters. It’s no sniper scope, but it beats the pants off iron sights.