XS 24/7 Sights for Colt XSP

XS Sights Colt XSP

XS Sight Systems announced they are now offering the 24/7 Tritium Express sights for the Colt XSP pistol.

The sights are available in sets with either a Big Dot or a Standard Dot front sight. These front sights use a tritium vial that is visible in low light conditions. A white outline encircles the tritium vial.

The rear sight is a shallow notch with a vertical tritium insert. A white line surrounds the insert.

The XS Express sights are designed to give a shooter a fast sight picture in a defensive situation. The MSRP is $120 for both Big Dot and Standard Dot sight sets.

From XS Sight Systems:

XS® 24/7 Tritium Express Upgrade: Colt® XSP

XS® Sight Systems announces the release of 24/7 Tritium Express sights to upgrade your Colt® XSP; available in Big Dot® or Standard Dot® Tritium Front, Tritium Rear set options. The Colt® XSP is consistent in size to the Mustang Pocketlite, but is designed with additional features such as an ambidextrous safeties and a squared off trigger guard that allows for easy mounting of lasers and lights. This model also features a dovetailed front sight, allowing XS® Sights to be the go-to defensive sight upgrade solution for this conceal carry handgun. Made in the USA.

XS® 24/7 Tritium set features a Tritium front sight, Tritium rear; msrp $120.

Big Dot® p/n# CM-0011P-5. Standard Dot® p/n# CM-0012P-6

Richard Johnson

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  • Nicks87

    XS sights are garbage. I had the off-set ones on an AR15 and they were a pain in the @$$ to get sighted-in and totally worthless beyond 15 yards or so. Also my buddy put a set of XS Big Dots on his CZ75 and it started shooting way high. He tried to send them back for a refund and CS told him that there were no returns on sights that have been installed.

  • Nicks87

    The gun was shooting high compared to his normal point of aim, obviously the sights didnt change the trajectory of the bullet. They caused the strike of the bullet to rise because, like you said, the sights were not the proper height. For quick aquisition and short range XS sights are fine, I guess, but there are way better options availible. Trijicon HD sights are brighter and work much better.